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Socially Distancing When Ill Is Natural; Just Look at Vampire Bats

Vampire bats do it and so should we: socially distance when ill, that is. That's what a new study found.

Even Poisonous Sea Creatures Can't Escape the Bobbit Worm's Jaws

Yes, this terrifying worm was named after the infamous Bobbitt case. And with good reason.

How Do I Know if There's a Lien on My Property?

If you buy anything via a loan, like a house or car, the bank puts a lien on that property until it is paid off. But liens can also be placed on your property by other folks and without your consent, depending on circumstances.

Top 10 Smartest Animals

Humans aren't the only animals that can count, use logic, make tools or form lasting bonds with others. Meet 10 of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom.