Talon was instilled with a passion for cars, engineering, and technology practically from birth. An old home videotape shows him at 2 years old, calling all his Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys by make and model. He's applied this knowledge and enthusiasm to pieces for The Drive, Popular Mechanics, Car and Driver magazine, and now to How Stuff Works.

Recent Contributions

Circuit breakers protect your home's electrical grid and appliances by cutting off excessive flows of electricity. Learn about a few different kinds of breakers, and what to expect when using them.

By Tom Harris & Talon Homer

If one of your home's circuit breakers keeps tripping under normal use, it may be a sign of a faulty part. In this article, we'll tell you how to diagnose and replace an old breaker and keep your home running smoothly.

By Talon Homer

Want to learn how to reset a circuit breaker? It's easy to get your devices back up and running after a circuit breaker trips.

By Talon Homer


Microphones have been around in some form for more than 150 years. Modern mics incorporate fiber optics, microchips, and even lasers to suit a variety of audio needs.

By Mark Boyer & Talon Homer

Sales of stick shifts are down around the world and even some sports car manufacturers have stopped making them. Still, many zealous auto enthusiasts are doing all they can to keep the old three-pedal motion alive.

By Talon Homer

Wireless networks, or WiFi hot spots, are one of the most popular methods of internet connection on Earth. They're found in homes, coffee shops, airports and even vehicles. Let's look at the technology that makes WiFi such a reliable choice.

By Marshall Brain & Talon Homer

Unlocking cellphones is not the problem it used to be. Here's how it changed.

By Ed Grabianowski & Talon Homer


For high-end gaming and video editing, an upgradeable graphics card is a must. Cutting edge video processors allow users to render complex visual effects, blisteringly fast frame rates, and multiscreen displays, with resolutions up to 4K and beyond.

By Jeff Tyson, Tracy V. Wilson & Talon Homer

Up to a point, adding RAM (random access memory) will make your computer feel faster on certain types of operations. However, upgrading the CPU may make it several times faster across the board.

By Talon Homer

If your car is built like a supersonic plane, you can sure reach blazing fast speeds. But what about a car you can actually buy?

By Talon Homer