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Dave is a freelance journalist who has contributed hundreds of articles to HowStuffWorks since 2007, with a specialty in personal finance, economics and business. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he attended Duke University where he earned the B.A. in comparative religious studies that has served him so well.

Dave began freelancing when he and his wife moved to Mexico in 2003, publishing articles about Mexican food and culture in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Newsweek. Nearly 15 years and three kids later, Dave and his family recently moved back to Mexico and just might stay a while.


American presidents are chosen by the electoral college rather than the popular vote. But a measure to circumvent that is gaining steam. So far, 15 states have signed on, but is it constitutional?

In about 100 years, Pentecostalism went from a startup renewal movement to the second-largest Christian denomination in the world, bested only by Catholics. What caused that astonishing rise?

Before the widespread use of DNA, establishing the paternity of a child was a tricky business. Ever heard of the oscillophore?

A "trail of tears and death" is how a Choctaw leader described the experience of his people being forcibly removed from their tribal homelands and sent west of the Mississippi. How many people were affected?

Some 7,000 clickers were given to troops landing at Normandy, but only a few remain. Now the company that made them is trying to locate them. What were the clickers used for and what happened to them?

First published in 1950, the Turing Test was designed to determine whether a computer would ever be able to successfully imitate a human being. So what's the state of it now?

This economic policy has been embraced by free-market capitalists and demonized by progressive reformers. But what does it really mean?

Penny stocks may seem like a good deal because they're so cheap and who knows, they could make money! But penny stocks can also be places for scam artists, so how do you protect yourself?

The story goes that the only explanation for Robert Johnson's sudden prowess at playing the blues must have been an unholy alliance with Satan. But what was the truth?

The very first honorary degree on record was a brazen attempt to score points with a wealthy and politically connected bishop in 1478. Not much has changed since then.

Not all Social Security services are available online. And you don't have to be over 65 to visit the office either.

U.S. Federal law mandates that you get a free credit report each year through a government website. But lots of copycat websites have sprung up offering the same information for a charge. How can you be sure you're on the right page?

The U.S. census is a headcount of the nation that takes place every 10 years. How has it changed over time and what's new for the 2020 census?

If you're starting a business of your own you'll need to find out how to get a business license to legally operate it. We'll show you how to get a business license.

People often think agnostics and atheists believe the same things. Where do their positions overlap and where do they differ?

Americans didn't always pay income taxes. When did that start and what was behind the creation of the IRS?

For such a simple nursery rhyme, the story behind who wrote it sure is complicated. Even Henry Ford got involved.

While many Americans have seen their tax refunds go down under the new tax laws, we have some strategies to increase your tax refund.

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