Laurie Dove

Laurie L. Dove is an award-winning journalist who covers timely topics for HowStuffWorks. She is the author of six books and the former owner of a newspaper and magazine. When not reporting on the latest tech breakthrough, health advance or economic development, Dove is tracking down hidden history, science innovations and biologic discoveries. As the Honorable Laurie Dove, Mayor, she has brought multi-million-dollar improvements to the small Midwest town where she lives with her husband, five children and two Akitas.

Recent Contributions

Is My Black Cat a Bombay Cat?

The rare Bombay cat is all black, but color alone doesn't make a cat a Bombay.

Was the Grinch Based on Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Seuss didn't live atop Mount Crumpit. He didn't have a loyal pup named Max outfitted with reindeer antlers. But there were some similarities between Seuss and his famous green miser.

Talk May Be Cheap, but the Larynx Makes It Possible

The human voice, including both pitch and volume, is created here as air travels through the vocal cords, but it can change based on the position of the tongue, lips, mouth and pharynx.

Why Is That Rotating Tray a Lazy Susan, not an Apathetic Amy?

The lazy Susan is a circular tray that spins to make food service easier, but the origins of the name are a bit murky.

The Blue-footed Booby Dance Gets the Girl Every Time

The blue-footed booby is known as much for its comical mating dance as for its intensely colored blue feet.

Yes, Macaws Can Talk (and Say Bad Words!)

Macaws mate for life, can speak human words and have even been known to blush when delighted.

4 Really, Really Unfortunate Facts About Lemony Snicket

In 'A Series of Unfortunate Events,' noted for its dark humor and sarcastic storytelling, narrator Lemony Snicket recounts the calamitous lives of the Baudelaire children, who are orphaned after a mysterious house fire.

It's True: Eating Too Many Carrots Can Turn Your Skin Orange

Everybody knows that carrots are good for you, but what happens if you eat too many of them?

Before You Buy an Inflatable Pool, Read This!

As summer heats up and starts to sizzle, what could be more fun and refreshing than an inflatable backyard pool of cool? Here's what you need to know before you buy one.

Elopement: First Choice or Last Resort?

There's something romantic about running off with your beloved and getting married. On the other hand, you might incur the wrath of family and friends for leaving them out of this joyous event. When is elopement right and when is it wrong?

Good News! Some Butterfly Populations Bounced Back in 2019

Work by volunteers and nonprofit organizations, such as butterfly waystations and increased education efforts, has turned around long-term population decline for some butterfly species.

No Need to Beware the Ides of March, Actually

March 15, the Ides of March, has become synonymous with betrayal, lost loyalty and unwelcome surprises. But should this day still make us wary?

What Is a Ghost Flight?

Airlines are flying planes with no passengers, due in part to the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, but also for economic reasons that have nothing to do with disease.

What Is Kefir, and Is It Good for You?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt, said to be full of good gut bacteria and capable of lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Sounds great, but does the hype match the reality?

Does One Dripping Faucet Really Prevent Frozen Pipes?

When temperatures drop below freezing, homeowners are advised to leave one tap dripping overnight. But is this good advice?

Why Dogs Love Belly Rubs, Cats Not So Much

The way to a dog's heart is definitely through a belly rub, but just touching a cat's belly will probably get you a back-leg rabbit kick and a painful vise of teeth and claws.

What Do Reindeer Do When They're Not Pulling Santa's Sleigh?

Reindeer are, of course, best known for their main gig om Christmas Eve every year, but there's more to them than just their flying and sleigh pulling prowess.

Shhh! Don't Tell. There's a Secret Apartment Atop the Eiffel Tower

Did you know that the iconic monument in the French capital city is topped by a secret apartment? But who built it, and why?

What's the Difference Between a College and a University?

The decision about whether to attend a college or a university is largely a matter of preference, but how do you know which is the better choice for you?