John Perritano

John Perritano is an award-winning journalist and author, and regular contributor to HowStuffWorks. He likes writing about science, history, sports and anything else that helps pay the mortgage. You might have noticed that he often mentions his favorite family members — his dogs — in his articles. John holds a master’s degree in U.S. History from Western Connecticut State University, and has worked for many publishers including Time-Life, National Geographic, Scholastic and others. He lives in Southbury, Connecticut, on “Big Dog Farm.” It’s a real place. Honest. It even has a sign.


A new study put dogs and wolves head to head in the intelligence department. Guess which species won?

Three new studies highlight the regional differences in gun injuries and deaths among young children and teens.

When a major storm is barreling down, the reasons why some people choose to shelter in place are complicated.

Hurricanes are the strongest storms on the planet. How we categorize them has helped save lives.

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Sheltering in place could give you the best chance of surviving a nuclear attack.

Despite what you've probably heard, oysters are safe to eat in months with the letter "r".

The National Park Service is considering making RSVPs mandatory for Zion National Park, as crowds have overrun the park.

Scientist and oceanographer Charles Moore confirmed the existence of a second huge plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean.

Most experts agree that the all-volunteer military is what makes the U.S. armed forces the best in the world. Would that change if the draft was reinstated?

Measuring sea level has changed almost as much as the tides during the 200 or so years scientists have been tracking it. Find out how it's tracked today.

Scientists have found that snow and rain trigger earthquakes. Could their study help predict the Big One?

Could humans really colonize Mars within the next 50 years? Elon Musk seems to think so.

Yoga with cats, dogs and even baby goats is all the rage today. What is it about animals that makes the Zen process so much more profound?

China, the world's largest emitter of CO2, is making steps to combat those emissions by creating the world's largest floating solar panel farm.

Connecticut new "Desmond's Law" is the first in the nation that appoints legal advocates in animal abuse cases.

NASA plans a fourth launch of sounding rocket that could give residents on the East Coast of the United States quite a colorful light show.

Americans toss nearly 40 percent of the nation's food supply — enough to provide more than two-thirds of the country with a healthy daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Researchers studying tornadoes use a common theory of economics to determine casualty rates.

Researchers have discovered 1.1 billion acres of dryland forests on Earth that were previously unknown via hi-res satellite imagery.