Patrick Kiger

Patrick J. Kiger has written for HowStuffWorks since 2008 covering a wide array of topics, from history and politics to pop culture and technology. He worked as a newspaper reporter for the Pittsburgh Press, and the Orange County Register in California, where he covered one of the biggest serial murder cases in U.S. history, and also as a staff writer at Baltimore Magazine. As a freelancer, Patrick has written for print publications such as GQ, Mother Jones and the Los Angeles Times, and on the web for National Geographic Channel, Discovery News, Science Channel and Fast Company, among others. In recent years, he's become increasingly interested in how technological advances are altering urban life and the design of cities, and has written extensively on that subject for Urban Land magazine. In his spare time, Patrick is a longtime martial arts student and a fan of crime fiction, punk rock and classic Hollywood films.

Recent Contributions

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Can the Feds Close State Borders to Stop COVID-19?

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Video Software System Syncs Lips to Other Languages

A new video translation technology not only converts speech into another language, but makes a speaker's lips move accurately in that language.

Can You Really Start Your Own Bank?

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What Exactly Is a Personal Loan?

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What's the Difference Between Restarting and Shutting Down My Computer?

Both shutdown and restart cause your computer screen to go black, but what happens after that? And which one should you use?

How the White House Press Briefing Went From Daily to Done

White House press briefings, which date back to the McKinley administration, could be the most important means of communication between the White House and the American people. Are they a thing of the past?

Why Countries Use Economic Sanctions to Prevent Conflict

Economic sanctions are one way of pressuring another nation to comply without resorting to war. But the penalties often target the population and not the government. So do they work?

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How to Figure Out How Much Homeowners Insurance You Need

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