Michelle Konstantinovsky

Michelle Konstantinovsky is a San Francisco-based journalist who's written on everything from the Beagle Brigade and border walls to cricket farms and TV scheduling for HowStuffWorks. She earned her master's degree from U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and she's written on health and wellness topics for outlets including Cosmopolitan, O: The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue and more. Michelle loves music, manatees and terrible teen movies from the early 2000s.

Recent Contributions

What Is a Shaman and Can Anyone Become One?

The practice of shamanism has mystical and spiritual connotations, but it's not tied to any specific religion or creed. So, what exactly is shamanism?

How Hollywood Screen Siren Hedy Lamarr Helped Pioneer WiFi and GPS

Hedy Lamarr's twin passions were acting and inventing. During World War II, she came up with a secret communication system that paved the way for technology like WiFi and GPS. But for decades, people thought this was an urban legend.

6 Things We Still Thank Teddy Roosevelt for Today

Among a long list of accomplishments, Teddy Roosevelt literally changed the American landscape, establishing the first wildlife refuge and the U.S. Forest Service, protecting the magnificent green spaces we cherish today.

How Sarah Forbes Bonetta Was 'Gifted' to Queen Victoria

Though the story has become a bit mischaracterized over the years, Sarah Forbes Bonetta, a West African princess, was indeed liberated from slavery to become an intimate of Queen Victoria of England.

7 True Facts That Made Catherine the Great So Great

Her legacy has been reduced to strange tales of horses and sordid affairs, but the real story of Russia's longest reigning female leader is truly fascinating.

9 Surprising Facts About Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa

Assassinated at the age of 45, Francisco 'Pancho' Villa was a general, a bandit, a politician and one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution.

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Queen Victoria

The Victorian Age gets its reputation for uptight prudishness from her, but there was a lot more to Queen Victoria than you may know.

Frances Perkins: The Unsung Creator of U.S. Social Security

FDR's secretary of labor was responsible for the important social "safety net" programs that kept Americans afloat during the dark days of the Depression and that still serve as lifelines today.

6 Famous Paintings That Hold Hidden Messages

Painters love to include hidden symbols and meanings inside their works, either as pointed messages to specific viewers or simply as signposts to be found by a general audience. Here are six you may have missed.

How the Harlem Renaissance Sparked a New African American Identity

The historic period of the Harlem Renaissance hit its height a century ago, but its influence has continuously impacted American culture through the decades.

Zeus Swallowed His Wife Whole, Plus 6 Other Tasty Zeus Tidbits

Yep, total power move, swallowing the wife. As king of the gods, Zeus could also, from his commanding position in the sky, blast any human or monster with his lightning bolt.

Yes, Hot Yoga Can Still Be Hot at Home

During this time of social distancing and isolation, many hot yoga aficionados are craving the heat of the hot yoga studio, but our experts say you can create that heat at home.

In Search of the Perfect Proustian Madeleine

In an effort that would have made Marcel Proust proud, our writer goes into the kitchen in search of the perfect hump on the perfect little confection, the madeleine.

How San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Was Built, and Why It's Not Actually Red

Back in the 1930s, folks realized they needed a better way to cross the Golden Gate Strait between San Francisco and the Marin Headlands than by boat. Over eighty years later, the Golden Gate Bridge is the city's most prominent landmark.

From Ancient Greece to 'Tiger King': The Hilarious History of the Mullet

Ah, the mullet. From ancient Greek spearmen to Joe Exotic, America's most notorious big cat owner, the mullet seems destined to stick around and around and around, forever.

How 'Charlotte's Web' Went From Iconic Kid Lit to Popular CBD Brand

A little girl with epilepsy caused the mash-up of a beloved children's book title and a CBD oil that changed medical history.

Epigenetics Explains Why Your DNA Doesn't Predict Your Destiny

Epigenetics – instructions on how your genes are read and whether they are expressed or not – proves that your body is not permanently set on a specific course from the moment you're born.

How Gloria Steinem Became a Feminist Shero

She is the face of feminism – a revolutionary pioneer who changed the trajectory of the feminist movement. We're talking about Gloria Steinem, who has been on the front lines of the fight for equality for more than 50 years.

5 Things a Travel Adviser Does That You Totally Can't

Who's gonna get you the best hotel deal or tell you not to take that cruise during an outbreak of the latest super bug? Your travel adviser, that's who.

'The Last Supper': The Masterpiece Leonardo Didn't Want to Paint

Leonardo's 'The Last Supper' has had a rough history, from flaking paint to the fact that da Vinci really didn't even want to paint it.