Jesslyn Shields

Jesslyn Shields is a freelance science writer working out of Athens, Georgia. She writes about brand new research for HowStuffWorks. Since 2010, Jesslyn's written science news and content for educational videos, because she loves to always have something new to yammer on about at parties. You can find her online at


The Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) Reptiles List includes 100 reptiles, including the punk rock Mary River turtle, that have lineages dating back to the Age of Dinosaurs.

Scientists have a new lead on what gives some animals the ability to sense Earth's magnetic field.

Compared to sports drinks, bananas might be tops at helping us power through workouts and heal faster on the other end.

A new study finds that, on average, it takes 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of water to make a single chocolate bar. Now that's a hefty footprint.

It pays to be brainy when you're a ring-tailed lemur.

A woman who gave birth posthumously also had a hole in her skull from a procedure to treat a pregnancy-related complication.

Viagra may be known mainly for treating erectile dysfunction, but it could also help prevent a deadly form of cancer.

Male brown widow spiders stubbornly court the oldest females they can find, though younger females are more fertile and far less dangerous.

What moves a spiritual movement or religious sect to the big time is more predictable than you'd think.

National parks are for everyone, and though nudity isn't technically prohibited, please don't scare the bears.

The platypus may look a bit absurd and bizarre, but its milk might hold the secret to fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Only two female northern white rhinos remain after the passing of Sudan, the last male of its subspecies.

An ecological periodic table could help scientists predict what will happen as climate change forces ecosystems to evolve. But is such a thing possible?

Hearing loss due to loud noise or certain medicines is irreversible, but soon we might be able to prevent hearing loss before it begins.

Why do some people become more aggressive, even violent, after they've had a few drinks?

Nutria are jumbo-sized rodents that reproduce and eat at a jumbo-sized pace.

Helium balloons are dangerous to the environment and wildlife — so why isn't releasing them illegal?

Cheddar Man was a dark-skinned, blue-eyed Stone Age Brit. You don't see those every day.

Two new studies show that regular use of ibuprofen might lower men's fertility, and even that of a woman's unborn daughter.

English mathematician Benjamin Gompertz formulated the first natural law of the way we die.