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Have you ever wondered: What is the worst zodiac sign when it comes to commitment? Or how about the worst sign for making quick decisions?

By Marie Look

If you took one of our recent newsletter quizzes, you've come to the right place for the answers.

By Madison Orradre

The radiator of your car is composed of tubes that carry the coolant fluid, a protective cap that’s actually a pressure valve, and a tank on each side to catch the coolant overflow. Learn more about how a radiator cap works from this article.

By Contributors & Talon Homer


Check your chicken's earlobes (yes!) to know what color eggs you'll get.

By Christopher Hassiotis & Mack Hayden

Viscose, a semisynthetic fiber, is the most common type of rayon fabric. It's become a staple in the textile industry due to its versatility and affordability. Derived from cellulose and wood pulp, viscose can mimic the luxurious feel of silk while offering the practicality of cotton.

By Mack Hayden

The Balkan states (sometimes colloquially referred to as simply "the Balkans") are a diverse and historically rich set of countries that span across southeastern Europe.

By Mack Hayden

Piranhas are some of the most feared fish in the world, but is their reputation for ferocity a bit overblown?

By Jesslyn Shields & Zach Taras


Biochemically like a heron and anatomically similar to a pelican, the shoebill stork has been called "Monsterface" and even "Death Pelican." But wait until you hear the staccato rat-a-tat-tat of its booming machine-gun call.

By Carrie Tatro & Zach Taras

Learn about coolant leak causes and solutions. Expert insights for identifying, diagnosing, and fixing coolant leaks.

By HowStuffWorks & Talon Homer

The axolotl, a critically endangered species, can regenerate virtually any of its limbs or organs and has a face that's totally irresistible.

By Jesslyn Shields

In algebra and calculus, a polynomial function is used to chart out graphs and waves with much more complexity than a simple linear factor. Polynomial division is sometimes required to factor them, and cut them up into chunks that we humans can better understand.

By Talon Homer


Animal have some amazing skills. Read on to see which animals have the most amazing skills.

By Marie Look

The perfect email deserves the perfect ending. But what is the right way to close an email? Well, that depends on who will be reading it.

By Francisco Guzman & Desiree Bowie

The world's population is constantly changing, growing and moving from place to place. However, certain governments provide better societal safety and social welfare for their citizens than others.

By Mitch Ryan

There's more to Australia's kookaburra than the cheery song you learned as a kid, but what is it that makes the kookaburra laugh?

By Patty Rasmussen & Mack Hayden


Can't figure out how to delete an entire page in Word? It's easy. We'll show you how.

By Jeremy Glass & Desiree Bowie

Like English, Spanish is a global language with nearly 600 million Spanish speakers worldwide. There are many Spanish-speaking countries, from the 21 nations with Spanish as their official language, to other countries with significant populations of people who speak Spanish as their native language or as a second language.

By Karina Buggy

This exotic bird could seriously injure or kill a person or a dog in an instant with its deadly claws.

By Wendy Bowman & Marie Look

Modern PCs and Macs use built-in Bluetooth to easily connect to your phone's AirPods. We'll show you how.

By Talon Homer & Desiree Bowie


The Euphrates River is one of the most important water systems in recorded history.

By Mitch Ryan

Surprisingly, the gentle, loafing moose could be more threatening than a grizzly bear. Find out what you should do if that looming moose barrels at you like a bull.

By Cristen Conger & Kathryn Whitbourne

After years of hard work and loyalty, some computers must finally retire. But since they can't take a pension and move to Florida, where do old computers end up?

By Jessika Toothman & Desiree Bowie

Though it's been around for more than 150 years, Juneteenth was still a mystery to many. But now, it's the newest federal holiday in the U.S.A.

By John Donovan


When challenged to name the hottest place on Earth, sprawling desert environments like Death Valley or the African Sahara probably spring to mind. However, extreme heat nearly matching those examples can occur on five continents, and some of these hottest places are even densely populated by humans.

By Talon Homer

On the third Sunday of every June, sons and daughters across the U.S. honor their fathers with cards and gifts. It was started by a woman to honor the single father who raised her.

By Heather Kolich