Stephanie Vermillion

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Stephanie Vermillion is a freelance writer and photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She covers food, beer, wildlife and travel for HowStuffWorks. When she's not writing, Stephanie spends her free time playing with her rescue pup, Harry, or sampling new craft beers — in the name of research, of course. Find her online at

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Monk Fruit Is Nature's Zero-calorie Sweetener

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Africa's Great Green Wall Is a Conservation — and World — Wonder

Africa's Great Green Wall, which will be Earth's largest living structure once complete, has been designed to save the continent from desertification and encroachment by the Sahara.

The Amazing Mantis Shrimp Punches Its Prey, Plus More Colorful Facts

These brightly colored crustaceans can smash aquarium glass or quickly cut through a human finger, so whatever you do, keep your distance.