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Oisin Curran is a freelance writer, editor and researcher, as well as regular contributor to HowStuffWorks. He writes on subjects ranging from the Antikythera Mechanism and the Fermi Paradox to Tardigrades and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Oisin also is the author of two novels, including his debut novel, Mopus.

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How Billy the Kid Really Died

Billy the Kid, whose legal name was Henry McCarty, was almost certainly killed by Lincoln County, New Mexico, Sheriff Pat Garrett, though questions have always lingered about what really happened.

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The decades-old geyser was created by accident when a geothermal company tried to drill a well. Now the strange geyser is open to tourists for the first time ever.

5 Cool Cats in the Wild

When we think of big cats in the wild, we most likely think of lions and tigers. But there are so many more amazing wild cats you've probably never even heard of. Here are five.

Chainsaw Lobster Among New Deep-sea Species Found in Java Sea

The first-ever deep-sea exploration of West Java seas netted more than 12,000 marine creatures, including some new species of crabs, prawns and lobsters.