Jamie Allen

Contributing Writer

Jamie Allen is an Atlanta-based writer and multimedia storyteller. His nonfiction, fiction and humor have been featured in The Oxford American, The Missouri Review, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Atlanta Magazine and others. He is the creator of the Squirrel Census.


These adorable marsupials look as sweet as their name. But what, exactly, are sugar gliders?

There's a lot of conversation around what we should be feeding our backyard hummingbird visitors, so we threw the question, along with others, to an expert.

Its blooms are lovely. But to many, its smell and invasiveness are anything but.

Your favorite cashmere sweater is super-soft and luxurious. It probably cost you an arm and leg, too. Here's why.

A group of researchers in Shennongjia National Nature Reserve discovered that these female monkeys are essentially happy to feed each other's offspring.

Perhaps it's a mating signal. Or meant to confuse owls and other predators. Or maybe it's just for looks.

This could mean good news for conservation and anti-poaching efforts if other species follow suit.

The groundbreaking innovation could mean major advances in treating people with diabetes and other vascular diseases.

Believe it or not, despite all of the dire prognostications, there was some good news about the environment in 2018.

A massive white oak in the hometown of the University of Georgia has many wondering whether a tree can even have legal rights — and about the future of the environmental and animal rights movements.

It's a natural phenomenon known as a 'squirrel king.' But what's the deal and why do squirrels get tangled up?

The Indian giant squirrel is covered in flamboyant colors like orange, black and bright purple. But why?

Once you accept squirrels aren't going anywhere, you can apply a more creative approach to keeping the critters away from your prized tomatoes.

To begin to understand the Coffee Belt, you first have to know what makes for a tasty coffee bean.

On Jan. 1, 2018 it became legal for adults to partake in recreational marijuana in California. But there are still some restrictions.

Is microdosing LSD just a silly fad or is it time to take a comprehensive look at its potential benefits?

Theories about the ghostly lights abound. Conclusions are harder to come by.

Mom or mother-in-law live with you and hubby? She might be interfering with your reproduction rate.

If you think climate change is bad now, two scientists estimate what it would be like without our protected forests.

It's already a scary world. Why do we seek to experience more fear?