Jamie Allen

Contributing Writer

Jamie Allen is an Atlanta-based writer and multimedia storyteller. His nonfiction, fiction and humor have been featured in The Oxford American, The Missouri Review, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Atlanta Magazine and others. He is the creator of the Squirrel Census.


It's a natural phenomenon known as a 'squirrel king.' But what's the deal and why do squirrels get tangled up?

The Indian giant squirrel is covered in flamboyant colors like orange, black and bright purple. But why?

Once you accept squirrels aren't going anywhere, you can apply a more creative approach to keeping the critters away from your prized tomatoes.

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If you think climate change is bad now, two scientists estimate what it would be like without our protected forests.

It's already a scary world. Why do we seek to experience more fear?

We don't expect to ever be in a mass shooting. But by assuming the worst can happen, one expert says, we take the first step toward being prepared.

Studies indicate cannabis can help victims of chronic pain without the risk of deadly overdose.

Why do squirrels exhibit behavior that can get them killed by cars? And how can you avoid them?

A new study, along with previous research, suggests squirrels use mnemonic strategies to remember where they put the good nuts.