Cherise Threewitt

Contributing Writer

Cherise Threewitt is a Chicago-based writer and editor with 15 years of experience covering the automotive industry. At HowStuffWorks, Cherise enjoys researching and writing stories that make cars and car culture interesting and accessible for everyone. When Cherise isn't writing, she's probably at the gym, paddling on Lake Michigan, or driving her 2019 Subaru WRX.


Is hotwiring a car as easy as it looks in those heist flicks? Yes and no. We'll explain.

Porsche unveiled its first electric sports car, the Taycan, and its plans for a sustainable future.

Trying to sell or trade in your car? Lots of things you might not expect will influence how much you can get for it.

The right to repair movement advocates for consumers' rights to repair and modify their own products. Who would be against that? We'll explain.

Sure, it's a good skill to have, but for how much longer?

The newest electric vehicle from Honda is a throwback to the 1970s Honda Civic, with charming headlights and endearing styling.

Performing CPR on a woman means that, yes, there will be some hand-to-breast contact. Womanikin is designed to help reduce the stress and hesitation.

Who needs the DMV? If Texas HB 409 passes, parents could soon bypass it altogether and make their novice teens legal to drive.

There's been a slow shift in who's collecting cars, and the boomer generation just passed the torch to two younger generations.

You might be a stickler about washing your car every week. But if you're not washing your car's undercarriage at least a few times a year, you may as well not wash your car at all.

The fan-favorite four-wheel automaker unveils six concept trucks based on its new Jeep Gladiator.

These personal air bags can help anyone prone to falling, including motorcyclists, horseback riders and senior citizens.

Opening your car door the right way could help you avoid a horrifying collision with a biker and save a life.

Don't let your mechanic fool you. Most late-model cars are super-advanced and don't require this service.

One California legislator hopes so and introduced legislation to have highways with no speed limits.

You'd be surprised how much of your personal information is being collected and stored by your car.

At first it sounds brilliant. But after careful consideration, some dog and auto experts are torn over the safety of this newest Tesla option.

The Head and Neck Safety device was developed by the late Dr. Bob Hubbard after his friend died in a car racing accident. What impact has it had on car racing since then?

What does it take to put on one of fastest, high-flying motorcycle races in the world?