Carrie Whitney, Ph.D.

Contributing Writer

Carrie Whitney is an Atlanta-based writer with a love of all things design, particularly tile. In addition to being willing to cover any topic that sparks her interest, she has spent many years zeroing in on home improvement and currently serves as the newsletter editor for Kitchen & Bath Business magazine. Although she’s never tackled a renovation of her own, she’s pretty handy with a paintbrush.

Carrie earned a B.A. in journalism from Georgia State University, then an M.A. in anthropology and a Ph.D. in history. Along the way, she picked up a B.A. in French literature and remains a devoted Francophile (allez les Bleus!). In addition to writing, she teaches in the department of communication at her alma mater and tries to keep up with the latest trends in social media.

Recent Contributions

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Despite what the nursery rhyme says, London Bridge is not falling down — and never really has. But the bridge that spans the Thames has been rebuilt again and again for two millennia.

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Crayola Unveils New Crayons for Kids of All Colors

Gone are the days of peach and flesh crayons. Crayola just created 24 skin tone crayons to help advance inclusion through coloring.

Unraveling the Romanticized Story of Pocahontas

History and the movie studios have twisted the story of Pocahontas into one of a mythical woman who saved John Smith, willingly converted to Christianity and married an Englishman. The truth, however, isn't so rosy.

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You're being eco-friendly and eschewing plastic for reusable bags. But don't forget about your health, too, and toss those bags in the washing machine!

Potential Snakebite Treatment Can Be Used in Crucial First Minutes

Venomous snakebites are one of the world's largest hidden health problems. But now researchers believe they've found a new way to treat the problem onsite, before victims get to the hospital.

That Black Stuff on the Road? Technically Not Asphalt

If you think asphalt is what hot tar roads are made of, you'd be wrong. Asphalt is only one ingredient in the recipe that makes up our roads. And it has a very long, very interesting history.

The Cadaver Synod: When a Dead Pope Was Put on Trial

During one of the most political times in papal history, Pope Formosus' corpse was dug up and put on trial for crimes of the past. Who thought this was a good idea?

Use the 'Sterile Technique' to Safely Unpack Your Groceries

A Michigan physician's video about using a sterile surgical technique to unpack groceries at home during the coronavirus pandemic went viral. We talked to him and have more of his advice.

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Staying fit is more important now than ever. Regular exercise decreases tension, and elevates and stabilize moods — all things we need at times like this. So how do we stay fit from home?

How Global Icon Coco Chanel Completely Reinvented Women's Fashion

Coco Chanel is a symbol for fashion and feminism. She's credited with designing the little black dress and the Chanel suit, after all. But hanging beside those in her closet were a few pretty big skeletons, too.

How Long Can Viruses Live on Surfaces?

Viruses need hosts to replicate and reproduce. So if a virus has no host, how long can it survive? It depends on a lot of factors.

Epidemiologists Are the 'Disease Detectives' Protecting Public Health

Who do you call when there's a new disease outbreak? An epidemiologist. These disease detectives investigate the who, what, why, when and where of disease epidemics worldwide.

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Student loan refinance and student loan consolidation are completely different beasts. If you're weighed down with student loan debt, you need to know the difference.

Is It a Good Idea to Refinance Your Student Loans?

Refinancing your student loans seems like a no brainer. But is it always a good idea?

Can You Refinance Your Student Loans if You Didn't Graduate?

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