Carrie Whitney, Ph.D.

Contributing Writer

Carrie Whitney is an Atlanta-based writer with a love of all things design, particularly tile. In addition to being willing to cover any topic that sparks her interest, she has spent many years zeroing in on home improvement and currently serves as the newsletter editor for Kitchen & Bath Business magazine. Although she’s never tackled a renovation of her own, she’s pretty handy with a paintbrush.

Carrie earned a B.A. in journalism from Georgia State University, then an M.A. in anthropology and a Ph.D. in history. Along the way, she picked up a B.A. in French literature and remains a devoted Francophile (allez les Bleus!). In addition to writing, she teaches in the department of communication at her alma mater and tries to keep up with the latest trends in social media.

Recent Contributions

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