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Nobody flies more than pilots, so who better to give us tips on packing?

By Allison Troutner

We talked to a virologist who answers six questions about how the monkeypox vaccines work, who can get them and how well they prevent infection.

By Maureen Ferran

Ashura is a very important holiday to both Shiite and Sunni Muslims but the two groups attach very different meanings to the day.

By Dave Roos


If you took one of our recent newsletter quizzes, you've come to the right place for the answers.

By Coryn Briere

Surely you've had a knot in your neck at some point. But your muscles really aren't tied in knots. Or are they?

By Zachary Gillen

The multi-colored bands of The Wave are considered one of the most photogenic — and photographed — natural wonders in North America, but you need a permit to visit. Oh, and water!

By Laurie L. Dove

Cicada singing is often heard during the hot summer months. The distinctive high-pitched noise often fills the air. What's the purpose of that noise?

By Robert Valdes


Jamaica is known as "the biggest little country in the world" for good reason. This tiny island is globally renowned for its food and music, but what do Jamaicans themselves hold dear?

By Kathryn Whitbourne

Taste the rainbow or a dangerous additive? Skittles contain titanium dioxide, which some say causes health problems in humans. So, why is it still on the ingredient list?

By Laurie L. Dove

Parasites are creepy to begin with. They live on or in a host, including humans. Some even lay eggs in our skin!

By Jonathan Strickland

The Anglo-Zanzibar War lasted less than an hour, involving two countries very unevenly matched. But what was the conflict about?

By Dave Roos


These spiders are big enough to eat a bird, but they don't often have the chance.

By Jesslyn Shields

The next time your car won't start and you're cursing the battery, you might want to blame the alternator, too. This coconut-sized car part works with the battery to generate power for your vehicle.

By Josh Briggs & Kristen Hall-Geisler

Tomato seeds are teeny-tiny, but they hold a lot of potential. If you extract and dry them properly, you can create your very own heirloom tomatoes and enjoy your favorite varieties from year to year.

By Natalie Kilgore

Sizzling temperatures across the globe aren't just bad for humans, they're bad for crops too. Harvests are smaller and that drives up food prices.

By Kate Yoder


These 20 people, including Thomas Edison, Princess Diana and Benjamin Franklin, achieved notable success in life, even after dropping out of school.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd. & Melanie Radzicki McManus

In 1983, the worst-ever diving accident occurred. Five people working on an oil rig experienced explosive decompression, which caused them to die in horrific ways.

By Dave Roos

Inflation in the U.S. was over 9 percent in June but many countries in Europe have even higher rates. What's causing the global spike?

By Christopher Decker

Everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies. But how are those signals produced?

By Julia Layton & Mark Mancini


Nichelle Nichols, the groundbreaking Black actress who starred as Lt. Uhura on "Star Trek" passed away at age 89.

By David Dennis

A pilot program in the Atlanta Public School system is teaching students de-escalation strategies during one of the city's worst crimewaves in decades. Will it work?

By Dave Roos

Do you hold your breath when you're driving through a tunnel or keep a lucky rabbit's foot in your car? You're not alone.

By Dave Roos

Fiber-optic lines have revolutionized phone calls, cable TV and the internet. It's a really cool technology that enables the long-distance transmission of data in light signals, and is used in many more ways than you think.

By Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D. & Chris Pollette


HowStuffWorks talks to Jen Glantz about how she turned being a bridesmaid into a business.

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

The world is a huge place, yet some GeoGuessr players know locations in mere seconds. Are you one of GeoGuessr's gifted elite? Take our quiz to find out!

By Alia Hoyt