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Sarah Gleim is a writer and content manager at HowStuffWorks, where she writes and produces articles on everything from food policy and animal rights to environmental news and politics. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and associate's degree in culinary arts. Sarah has produced six cookbooks with Southern Living and Cooking Light, and is published in numerous magazines. She loves traveling, photography and history, and her two crazy hounds — Redford and Daisy Hill.


End-of-days predictions have come and gone for, well, centuries. So, will the Sept. 23, 2017 prophecy be the first to come true?

A one-of-a-kind barn find Ferrari was auctioned off as part of Ferrari's marquee event with Sotheby's to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary.

Trump rescinds DACA. What's next for the 800,000 dreamers?

A new smartphone app may help detect pancreatic cancer and other diseases tied to jaundice.

In late July 2017, North Korea upped its threats the United States and its allies with nuclear strikes — and the U.N. responded with strict and overwhelming sanctions.

You probably have several pairs of eclipse glasses left over from the big total solar eclipse. Don't trash them — recycle, reuse or donate them instead.

The first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in almost 100 years leaves the country mesmerized.

The home-sharing marketplace is booming but you could be exposed to liability without the proper insurance.

Artist Paul Cummins' moving Poppies sculptures continue to tour the U.K. in honor of British soldiers killed during World War I.

Millennials are buying homes in record numbers — for their dogs.

A new study confirms that sperm counts of men in Western countries are plummeting.

The U.S., the world's second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, is now just the third country not participating in the landmark Paris climate agreement.

Studies show the 100 or so days between Memorial and Labor days are especially deadly for teen drivers — but there are things parents can do to keep them safe.

President Trump says dozens of national monuments were named with an "egregious abuse of federal power." Check out a gallery of those his administration is reviewing.

Are we ready to go back to a pre-EPA USA? Take a look at a series of pics from the National Archives to see what it was like before the agency was formed.

The USDA just wiped out thousands of online records documenting abuses at zoos, circuses, universities and research facilities, outraging animal rights activists.

Eating bugs is gaining popularity in the West, but many are still put off simply because they're insects. Might bugs in cocktails make the idea a bit easier to swallow?

Pre-Columbian civilizations perfected a way of processing corn that's still important.

Or is the famous flavor simply made up?

Might we one day see a Burgundy region sans pinot noir or a Bordeaux without cabernets? A new study shows how global warming temperatures affect grape harvests.