Portable Toilet Cleaner

Somebody's gotta do it: Porta-Potty Cleaners clean up what we leave behind.

©iStockPhoto/Rick Hinson

This job is a sort of combination of garbage collector and GI, and arguably more disgusting than both put together. Although most people in polite society methodically avoid situations where they need to use a portable toilet, modern outhouses can be lifesavers. As gross as they can be, they'd be worse without the folks who clean them for a living.

Using a tank and a vacuum wand, cleaners must suck up all the waste in a portable toilet. After picking up any stray toilet paper, they also wash down all surfaces that c­ould possibly be soiled, including the walls. This is when a high-pressure hose comes in handy [source: Douglas]. Usually, cleaning one portable toilet takes only a few minutes, and most workers clean from 10 to 60 of them a day [source: AOL]. But it's not always that easy: Portable toilets that tip over require more damage control.

Nevertheless, some cleaners grin and bear it -- and take home $50,000 a year [source: AOL]