Wiley and the Hairy Man

Wiley and the Hairy Man Part II
Wiley asked the Hairy Man to change into a giraffe.
Wiley asked the Hairy Man to change into a giraffe.
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Below is the second part of "Wiley and the Hairy Man."

The next time Wiley had to go into the swamp, he tied his dogs up at home. When Wiley saw that Hairy Man, he said, "Hello, Hairy Man."  

Then he asked the Hairy Man to change himself into a giraffe, an alligator, and a possum. When the Hairy Man changed into a possum, Wiley grabbed him, put him in the sack, and threw him into the river.

Then on the way home, Wiley saw . . . THE HAIRY MAN! Wiley climbed a tree - fast! "Hah! I changed myself into the wind and blew my way out of the sack," said the Hairy Man. "Come down here. I'm hungry!"

"Can you make things disappear, like the rope around my pants?" Wiley asked.

"I can make all the rope in the county DISAPPEAR!" growled the Hairy Man, and that is exactly what he did.

Wiley hollered, "Here, dogs!" The rope that held the dogs back home disappeared, and the dogs chased the Hairy Man away. When Wiley returned home, his mama said, "You tricked the Hairy Man twice. If we can do it one more time, we'll be rid of him forever." Wiley's mama sat down and closed her eyes to think. Wiley's mama had conjure magic, too!

For protection, Wiley crossed a broom and an axe over the window. Then he built a fire in the fireplace. His mama asked for a piglet from the pen. She put it in Wiley's bed under a quilt, and Wiley hid in the loft.

The dogs suddenly started to chase some wild animals, and then Wiley heard the Hairy Man on the roof. The hot chimney kept him outside, but at the front door the Hairy Man hollered, "Wiley's mama, if you don't give me your baby boy, I'll destroy everything you own!"

"I'll give the baby to you, if you promise never to come back," Wiley's mama offered. The Hairy Man promised, and Wiley's mama opened the door, pointing to Wiley's bed. The Hairy Man rushed in and discovered a piglet under the quilt. "This is a baby pig!" he roared.

The Hairy Man ran off into the swamp.
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Wiley's mama declared, "I never said which baby I'd give you." A very angry Hairy Man grabbed the piglet and ran off into the swamp. Wiley and his mama danced for joy!

And they never saw the Hairy Man again.

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