Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together

Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together Part II
Their mothers said they could not be friends.
Their mothers said they could not be friends.
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Below is the second part of "Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together."

When Frog came home, her mother was surprised to see her covered with grass. "What happened?" she asked.

Frog replied, "Oh, I had such a fun day. I met a snake, and we played together. She taught me to slide, and now we are best friends."

Ma Frog was horrified. "A snake? Dear child, don't you know that snakes eat frogs? Snakes are bad, and you must promise me that you will never play with snakes again."

Frog shivered. "Yes," she answered. "I understand."

Nearby, Snake arrived home. Ma Snake said, "My, my. You look tired. Where have you been?"

Snake happily replied, "I have a new friend named Frog. We played, and she showed me how to hop."

Ma Snake was shocked, "A frog? Little one, you are a snake, and snakes are supposed to eat frogs!"

Ma snake continued, "The next time you see her, you must gobble her up."

Snake lowered her head and answered, "Yes, Mama. I understand." The next day Snake went to Frog's house and called out, "Frog, let's play together!"

Frog huddled inside her house. "Ha!" she said. "My mother told me how snakes really like to play. No thanks. I'm going to stay right here where I'll be safe."

"Ah," Snake said. "My mother talked to me too, and she told me all about frogs and what I should do."

Snake continued, "So, I guess there is nothing more to say but goodbye."

"Farewell," said Frog.

Frog and Snake think sadly of their day together.
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Frog and Snake never played with each other again. However, they always sadly wondered if things could have been different if only they had kept playing. If you look carefully, you might see them sitting very quietly in the sun thinking of their fun day and the promise they once sang to each other:

"Let's make a wish,

and hope it comes true,

to be friends forever,

me and you."

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