What's That?

What's That?, Part II
Fawn spots a small spider in its web.
Fawn spots a small spider in its web.
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Below is the second part of "What's That?"

As they walked on, Fawn saw her friend scurry under a soft, thin patch between two trees. Fawn had to move closer to look at it. "What's that?" she asked. "It looks so tiny."

"That's a spider," said Raccoon. "And that web is her home."

"The web looks so pretty and soft," said Fawn. "And the spider has so many fuzzy little legs!"

"Good!" said Raccoon proudly. "In the woods you need to see the smallest things and the biggest things. When you use your eyes like that, you're using your sense of sight."

Fawn scurried under the spider's web. "See you later!" she said.

Suddenly Fawn's nose began to twitch. "What's that?" she asked Raccoon. "The air inside my nose tastes sweet."

"You can't taste with your nose," said Raccoon. "You must smell something." He looked around and saw a wild rose bush nearby. "That's a rose," he said.

Fawn moved closer to the rose. She let its sweet fragrance fill her nose. "It smells pretty," she said.

Fawn smells a pretty rose in the forest.
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"When you use your nose, you smell all the things around you," Raccoon explained. "That's just what you feel when you're using your sense of smell. So now you know about the senses of touch, hearing, taste, sight, and smell!"

"And I think I'm getting another sense from the woods," said Fawn.

"What's that?" asked Raccoon.

Smiling, Fawn said, "I have a feeling that I'm going to like it here!"

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