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Frequently Asked Questions we receive, along with the solution to those problems, are available below:


I hear audio, but can't see the video -- the player just looks black.


This is a common issue with many school systems who use web filtering services to block access to some websites. Please ask your computer administrator to allow all of the trusted websites below. WebSense, OpenDNS, and other firewall or filtering services may be blocking access to this content.

Please add (or have your system administrator add) these urls to your allowed list of sites:








Alternately, some users may find that their computer's host file contain some urls causing this problem. Look in your host file to see if there are any links with ".howstuffworks.com" in them. If there are, you simply need to put a # at the beginning of the line or delete the line and save your host file.


The player does not load for me. What version of Flash should I be using?


We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Flash here:


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