Tortoise, Hare, and the Sweet Potatoes

Tortoise, Hare, and the Sweet Potatoes Part II
Hare picked up the sack and flung it over his back.
Hare picked up the sack and flung it over his back.
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Below is the second part of "Tortoise, Hare, and the Sweet Potatoes."

As Tortoise bit into a freshly roasted sweet potato, Hare said, "Hold on. What if the farmer catches us?"

Tortoise seemed unconcerned and continued to eat. She smacked her lips and said, "Oooh, this is good!"

"Shhh! Did you hear that?" said Hare. "We should check out the place and make sure it's safe!"

The two split up and went off in different directions. But Tortoise knew Hare was sneaky. When Hare was out of sight, she crawled into the sack to eat another potato in peace.

"Mmm, yummy!" Tortoise exclaimed. "I'll have just one more."


Before she could have another helping, sweet potatoes tumbled down all around her. It was Hare. He picked up the sack, flung it over his shoulder, and sprinted off hoping to leave Tortoise behind. "She'll never find me," he said.

"Boy, will Hare be surprised," Tortoise thought as she ate another sweet potato inside the sack.

After a while, Hare found a swimming hole. "Now I can drink some water, eat all the sweet potatoes, and not worry about Little Miss Slowpoke," he thought. Hare reached into the bag without looking, and Tortoise placed one of the last sweet potatoes in the hungry Hare's hand.

"Oh no," Hare thought. "Surely I can do better than this pitiful thing." Hare propped the bag up against a tree and put his hand back in, fishing around until he touched something big and warm.

"This will be a feast," Hare said. But much to his surprise, he did not pull out a sweet potato.

She handed Hare the last pebble-sized potato.
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"Miss Tortoise!" he screamed as she rose from the sack, handing him the last pebble-sized sweet potato.

Then Tortoise grinned and said, "You may be a swindler, but you can't fool me. I'll never fall for your trickery."

Disappointed that his trick backfired, Hare cried and cried. As for Tortoise, she headed back to her pond, pleased with herself for fooling the forest's most famous trickster.

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