Thumbelina Part IV
Thumbelina giggled as she and sparrow flew through the air.
Thumbelina giggled as she and sparrow flew through the air.
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Below is the fourth part of "Thumbelina."

The winter days passed quickly, and the sparrow's wing grew stronger. A warm spring air filled the house of the field mouse. The winter was ending!

Thumbelina and the sparrow were very happy to step outside again. The field mouse was sad, however. She knew that her friends would be leaving her soon, and she would be alone again.

Soon that day came. The sparrow's wing felt as good as new. He could hear the calls of his friends and relatives coming back from their winter down south. They would be looking for him. "I must leave soon to find my family," the sparrow said. "I would like to take you with me, Thumbelina."

Thumbelina was delighted. She wanted to go to her own home, though. "Thank you, but I miss my mother."

The sparrow laughed. "I meant that I would take you to your home," he said. He was sure he could find his way to Thumbelina's mother's house.

Thumbelina was overjoyed! She thanked the field mouse and hugged her good-bye. She hopped onto the sparrow's back and away they flew into the spring air. She smiled and giggled as they soared through the air.

"I have a special surprise for you," the sparrow said to Thumbelina, as he landed on a flower.

It was the most beautiful place that Thumbelina had ever seen, but it was not her home.

"I'm sorry, but this is not where I live," she said. A tiny tear fell from her eye.

The sparrow explained that this was where the fairies lived. He told Thumbelina to think back to the day they met. He had promised her that he would show her what a fairy was.

Just then, a big white flower opened. A perfect little boy stepped out from the petals. He was just as small as Thumbelina! He had the most wonderful wings on his back and a tiny crown on his head. He was the prince of the fairies!

The prince took one look at Thumbelina and knew he must have her for his bride. Thumbelina was very happy, for she longed to be with another person her own size. She found the prince of the fairies very charming and handsome. He placed a tiny golden crown on Thumbelina's head while two smaller fairies fastened delicate wings on her back.

The prince of the fairies crowned Thumbelina.
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"I will marry you, Prince," said Thumbelina happily, "but you must come with me and live in my mother's garden. I miss her terribly!"

The prince eagerly agreed to move with Thumbelina to her mother's garden. The sparrow showed the tiny prince and princess the way to the woman's

garden. The woman was so surprised to find not only her precious little daughter singing to her from her windowsill, but also a new little son-in-law!

The sparrow visited the tiny couple every summer at the birdbath. They all lived happily ever after.

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