The Wild Swans

Elise spent much of her time in her garden.
Elise spent much of her time in her garden.
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Once there was a king who had much happiness and great fortune. Of all his treasures, he was proudest of his four children, the most perfect children in the land. His three fine, strong sons would do anything for their father. And the king's greatest joy, his daughter Elise, was clearly the dearest, sweetest, and most beautiful child in all the world.

Elise spent much of her time in her garden. Next to her three brothers and her father, her lovely roses were Elise's greatest treasures. She would spend hour after hour caring for them.

Then one day the king hurried to find Elise. He was very worried. "I have terrible news," he told her. "You are in danger."

The king had many treasures, but he also had many wicked and powerful enemies. They were evil sorcerers and magicians who believed no one should have as much happiness as the king.

"I fear for your safety," the king told his daughter. "You must go away from me now."

"But, Father," Elise cried, "what about you and my brothers?"

The king sighed. "Your brothers have been taken away from us," he sadly told her. "I know not where. I cannot stand to lose you, too."

The king told the princess to go with his trusted servants, who would take her to safety in their home in the forest.

"When you're old enough," said the king, "find your brothers and come back to me."

Elise searched for her three brothers.
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He kissed her good-bye. Elise did as her father said. She lived hidden away in the servants' house for many years. She was treated well, but she was very unhappy. Elise longed to see her three beloved brothers and her father again.

When Elise was old enough, she set off to find her brothers. She had no idea where to look, but she knew in her heart they were still alive. She had a feeling inside that told her they needed her help.

After several days of wandering and hoping for some sign, Elise met an old woman picking berries in the forest.

Elise met an old woman who had seen swans with crowns on their heads.
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"I am looking for my three brothers," Elise told the woman. "They are fine, strong princes. Have you seen them?"

"I have seen nothing all day but three white swans with golden crowns on their heads," the old woman said. "They were sunning themselves on the shore."

She directed Elise to the spot. There, Elise found three white feathers. She clutched them close to her and fell asleep while she waited for the swans to return.

The three swans changed into three princes.
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Just before sunset, Elise woke up to see three majestic swans gliding down to the shore. They landed beside her, and, as the last ray of sunshine disappeared, the three swans changed into three princes. Elise was overjoyed to see her brothers again! They held her close and told her what had happened to them.

Many years ago, an evil sorcerer had come to the castle. This sorcerer vowed to ruin the king's happiness, which he did the moment he turned the three handsome princes into swans. Since that day, they have lived as swans during the day and humans during the night.

"We have looked for you," the eldest brother told Elise. "But you were very well hidden."

"We have seen our father," the second brother told Elise. "He is safe, but very unhappy. He now serves the sorcerer."

"He cannot help us," added the third brother. "But each day he wishes we will find each other and make things right again."

Elise promised to help free her brothers from the sorcerer's wicked spell. Her brothers told her of an enchanted land far across the sea where they might find a way to break the spell.

"Take me with you," Elise urged them. "I know I can help."

The princes prepared a net to carry their sister in.
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Her brothers prepared a net to carry their sister in. The next morning, they flew high above the sea, carrying Elise as she slept. They rushed to reach land by nightfall, or else all three brothers and their sister would drop into the sea and be lost forever.

After two days' flight, they arrived at the kingdom across the sea. It was said that the Fairy Queen Morgana lived there. Surely she would know how to help them. Elise's brothers found her a cave to rest in while they searched for Queen Morgana.

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