The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs Part III
They never saw the wolf again.
They never saw the wolf again.
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Below is the second part of "The Three Little Pigs."

By this time, the two homeless pigs had told their brother about the wolf and their ruined houses. He told them not to worry, and he continued to eat his breakfast.

Outside, the wolf licked his lips as he knocked on the door. "Let me in!" said the wolf in his meanest, wolfiest voice.

"What bad manners!" squealed the middle brother.

"Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins," said the oldest pig, quietly and calmly.

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!" cried the wolf. He took his biggest, deepest breath yet. He closed his eyes and pushed the breath out.

The wolf opened his eyes. The house was still standing! He blew again. Not a

single brick budged. The wolf decided to try a different trick.

"May I just poke my nose inside your door?" asked the wolf sweetly.

"No!" answered three voices from within.

"May I just poke my paw inside your door?" asked the wolf, a little less sweetly.

"No!" answered three voices from within.

"How about the tip of my tail?" asked the wolf, sounding quite fed up.

"No, no, no!" answered the three little pigs.

"May I please have a glass of water then?" growled the pig.

"Absolutely not!" said the oldest brother.

"But I remembered to say please!" whined the wolf.

"I am afraid it is too late for manners," said the middle brother.

"Little pigs, get ready," growled the wolf. "I'm about to drop in for breakfast!"

The pigs heard the wolf land on the roof. Quickly, the oldest brother lit a fire in the fireplace. He then sat down to warm his hands by the fire.

With a giant crash, the wolf fell down the chimney and landed in the flames.

He burned the tip of his tail.

"Let me out!" howled the wolf as he ran in circles.

The middle brother snorted.

"Please, let me out?" asked the wolf politely.

And that's just what they did. The wolf never bothered the three little pigs again. To this day, the three brothers still live in the middle of the Big Forest. They still take long naps in the bright summer sun. They still plan grand picnics. They still enjoy visitors, though not of the wolf kind.

And the three brothers still take turns visiting each other's homes. Incidentally, their houses are now all made of brick.

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