The Son of Wind

The Son of Wind Part II
Every day, Danso played catch with his new friend.
Every day, Danso played catch with his new friend.
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Below is the second part of "The Son of Wind."

So each day Danso would run up the hill to play catch with his new friend, and each day when he returned home he would check to see if his father was finished making the wind shelter.

Danso wondered why he could never hear his friend's name when his mother called him home. He would only hear the "woooshin" of the wind.

Danso's father now was close to finishing the wind shelter. "Mother, can you tell me the name of my friend now?" asked Danso.

"I will tell you," said Danso's mother, "but you must promise not to say his name until you see your father resting in his chair. Then you will know the wind shelter is done. And you must promise that when you say his name you will run as fast as you can back to our hut, because there will be a mighty wind behind you."

"I promise," said Danso.

"It is Woooshin-Woooshin-Shooowaaaa-Wooosh," said Danso's mother.

So the next day Danso went to play catch on the hill. He kept his promise until he saw his father resting in a chair.

"Danso, catch," Son of Wind called out.

"Catch, Woooshin-Woooshin-Shooowaaaa-Wooosh," Danso called as he threw the ball back.

Son of Wind was so surprised to hear his real name that he stumbled and fell down. He rolled and tossed in the grass, and a fierce wind began to blow. Danso started to run home. Then he turned back and saw a large wind ball rolling down the hill behind him.

A large wind ball rolled down the hill behind him.
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Danso ran faster until he reached his hut. He ran inside and shut the door. The wind ball arrived, but Danso was safe now.


A game of catch with you,

Play back with the wind,

But whatever you do,

Don't call him by name,

Just call him your friend,

'Cause you just might end up

With a mighty fierce wind.

Keep that name to yourself!

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