The Son of Wind

Son of Wind wanted someone to play with.
Son of Wind wanted someone to play with.
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Once, up on a hill where the antelopes grazed, there sat a large round hut where Mother Wind and her son lived. Son of Wind was very sad because he had no one to play with. He would look out the window at the antelopes at play and blow a secret wish across the hills. Son of Wind always wished for a playmate.

One day a boy did come up the hill, and Son of Wind was peeping out his window at the same time. "Hooraaah!" yelled Son of Wind. His secret wish had come true. Son of Wind ran out with his ball to play with the boy.

"Oh Danso!" called out Son of Wind as he threw the ball. "Catch!"

Danso looked surprised that this boy knew his name, but it was not as important as a game of catch. Danso did not know that wherever the wind blows, it hears all the names of the people.

"Here friend, catch!" said Danso as he threw the ball back to Son of Wind.

Danso and Son of Wind played all day. The two of them laughed as they tossed the ball with delight, until Mother Wind came out to call her son home.

Danso tried to listen for his friend's name as his mother called, but all he heard was the whistling of the wind instead.

"Danso! When will you be back to play ball with me?" asked Son of Wind.

"I will be here tomorrow," said Danso.

Son of Wind was happy. He waved good-bye as he and his mother walked inside their hut. Danso ran home to tell his mother about his new friend.

Not until after your father finishes the wind shelter.
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"Mother, can you tell me the name of the boy who lives in the big round hut on the hill?"

Danso's mother said, "I will tell you his name after your father has finished the wind shelter for our hut."

Why does Danso's mother insist on waiting to tell his friend's name? Go to the next page to find out.

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