The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant Part III
The giant stopped being selfish and helped the little boy into the tree.
The giant stopped being selfish and helped the little boy into the tree.
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Below is the conclusion to "The Selfish Giant."

The little boy anxiously circled the tree. Then he stopped and looked up at the high branches. He had waited such a long time to play in the trees in the enchanted garden. Now that he had the chance, he could not reach even the lowest branch. The boy sat down under the tree and began to cry.

Suddenly the boy felt a huge pair of hands gently lift him up and set him on one of the branches. Instantly the icicles that clung to the tree began to melt. Then tiny buds opened, and leaves sprouted all over the tree.

The surprised little boy turned to see the giant who had once roared with anger at the children. This time the giant smiled and patted the little boy on the head.

The boy flung his arms around the giant's neck and kissed him on the cheek. The giant's heart melted as quickly as the ice and snow in his garden. He was sorry he had been so selfish.

When the other children saw that they no longer had to fear the giant, they rushed over to him. The giant scooped them up one by one and hugged them gently.

"Does this mean that we may sometimes play in your enchanted garden?" asked one shy child. The other children quietly waited to hear what the giant would say.

The giant now realized that it was the children who brought the magic to his garden. "From now on this is your garden," the giant said to the children. "You may come here to play whenever you wish."

Soon the giant was the children's favorite playmate.
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The enchanted garden was more fun than ever. The giant was no longer selfish. In fact he became the children's favorite playmate.

The children loved every minute they spent in the garden. And so did the giant -- he had the most enchanted time of all.

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