The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant Part II
The giant saw one lonely flower in the garden -- and really hoped it would bloom.
The giant saw one lonely flower in the garden -- and really hoped it would bloom.
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Below is the second part of "The Selfish Giant:"

One day, as the giant passed in front of a castle window overlooking the garden, a flower poked its head through the ground. The giant watched the flower. He began to hope it would bloom.

But then a strong gust of wind came and scared the flower back under the ground. The giant sighed.

He didn't understand the changes that had taken place in his garden. When he returned from his journey, the garden was warm and full of life, but now it was dull and cold.

"At least now I have peace and quiet," the giant said, "and I don't have to share the garden with anyone."

The giant was simply being selfish.

The passing months brought even more changes to the garden. Snow blanketed the ground, icicles dangled from the walls of the castle, and cold winds ripped through the branches of the trees.

The giant now spent many hours of his day watching the garden from the castle window. The giant could not figure out why it was so cold inside the walls of his garden.

Even when summer came elsewhere, inside the garden, it remained cold.
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He knew that it was no longer wintertime, and the rest of the countryside was warm, not covered with snow.

"Something is not right," the giant said. He began to wish for his beautiful garden and for the children who had made it such a happy place. For the first time, the giant felt lonely.

By now the children had surely found another place to play, the giant thought. They no longer needed his garden to make them happy.

The giant was wrong. The children stopped outside the garden every day, wishing they could play there again.

One day, as a child leaned against the garden wall, a stone wiggled loose and fell out. The hole it left was big enough to crawl through. The children looked at each other excitedly and crawled through the secret passage one by one.

When the children returned to the garden, the snow melted and plants began to grow.
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When their feet touched the ground, the snow in the garden began to melt. The grass turned green, and the sun began to shine again. When the children touched the trees, green leaves appeared. The birds came back and sang pretty songs. The children were filled with joy to be back in the enchanted garden.

But in a small corner of the garden, icicles still hung from a single tree. A little boy looked up at the tree sadly. He wanted to climb it, but he was too small to reach the lowest branch.

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