The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea Part II
The princess's hair and clothes were wet from the rain.
The princess's hair and clothes were wet from the rain.
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Below is the second part of "The Princess and the Pea."

The King sent his guards to answer the door. In walked a wet, shivering young woman. Her wet hair lay matted against her face. Her tattered wet dress dripped onto the marble floor, and water pooled at her muddy bare feet.

"My name is Rosalie," she said, "and I am a princess."

"A princess?" asked the Queen staring at the torn dress.

Rosalie nodded. "I was invited to the ball."

"The ball?" the Queen frowned. "Well, I am afraid you are a little late."

"I know," said Rosalie. "My carriage lost a wheel on the way. I didn't want you to think I had simply ignored your invitation, so I walked here. I am terribly sorry."

"How well-mannered!" said the King.

"As I was walking," said Rosalie, "the most beautiful butterflies flitted beside the road. I would have stopped to watch, but I was already late. Then night fell and all the lovely stars came out. It truly was beautiful."

"Stars!" said Phillip. "How interesting!"

"Until it began raining." Rosalie looked down at her wet dress. "I apologize for

my appearance."

"No need to apologize," said the King.

The King brought Rosalie dry clothes. Prince Phillip brought Rosalie a bowl of soup. It was obvious that they both liked Rosalie very much.

The king and the prince believed Rosalie, but the queen was suspicious.
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But the Queen was suspicious. She didn't think Rosalie was a true princess. And she knew just how to prove it. "You must stay with us for the night," she told Rosalie. "In the morning we will take you back to your kingdom in our royal coach."

"You are too kind," said Rosalie.

The queen hid a pea in Rosalie's bed.
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The Queen ordered Rosalie's bed made up for the night. She told her maids to place twenty goose down comforters atop twenty thick mattresses. When they were finished, the Queen placed a tiny pea under the entire stack. She knew that a only a true princess would be sensitive enough to feel the pea.

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