The North Wind

The North Wind Part III
The boy sprang out of his bed and used the magic rope to capture the innkeeper.
The boy sprang out of his bed and used the magic rope to capture the innkeeper.
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Below is the conclusion to the story of the north wind:

When the boy reached the inn on the way home, he again stopped for the night. Although he didn't have any money, the innkeeper gave him dinner and a place to sleep.

The innkeeper thought the rope the boy was carrying might be magic, and he planned to steal it. After dinner the boy went right upstairs to bed, but this time he only pretended to go to sleep.

Later the innkeeper crept into the boy's room to replace the magical rope with ordinary rope. When he came close to the boy's bed, the boy sprang up and shouted, "Rope, rope! Tie him up!"

The magic rope wrapped itself many times around the innkeeper and tied him up. The innkeeper struggled but could not get loose. The boy said, "I won't untie you until you give me back my magic cloth and magic piggy bank!"

The innkeeper struggled some more, but at last he said, "Take them back! Just set me free!" The boy kindly let the innkeeper go.

With his magical things in hand, the boy returned home. This time he was able to show his mother the magic items. The cloth provided them with plenty of food, and the piggy bank gave them money to meet their needs. In case they ever needed its help, the rope was nearby to protect them.

The boy and his mother lived happily ever after.
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The boy went to see the North Wind one last time -- to thank him for his help. This time he was not afraid at all.

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