The North Wind

The North Wind Part II
The boy tried to show his mother the magic tablecloth, but nothing happened.
The boy tried to show his mother the magic tablecloth, but nothing happened.
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Here is part II of the story of the north wind:

The boy proudly laid the cloth on their little kitchen table and said, "Cloth, cloth! Serve up food!"

Nothing happened. Not even a crust of bread appeared on the table, no matter how many times the boy said the magic words. He and his mother went hungry that day.

The next morning the boy made up his mind to go back to the North Wind and tell him that the cloth didn't work.

It was a long walk back to the home of the North Wind. By the time the boy knocked on the door, he was very tired and a little bit scared to complain about the magic cloth.

The North Wind opened the door and said, "Hello again. What do you want?"

"I've come to tell you that you took our oatmeal, and the cloth you gave us doesn't serve food." The boy shivered a little as he spoke.

"I don't have another magic cloth, and I don't have any oats," said the North Wind. "But I do have a piggy bank that I can give you. If you say, 'Piggy bank, make money!' it will give you all the money you need."

The boy thanked the North Wind and started home with a smile. It was already late when he reached the inn, so he decided to stop there again.

The boy took the piggy bank home to show his mother.
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When the time came to pay for his dinner at the inn, the boy set the piggy bank on the table and said, "Piggy bank, make money!" Then he reached into the piggy bank and pulled out enough coins to pay the innkeeper for dinner and a room for the night.

After dinner the boy went right upstairs to bed. He was sound asleep when the innkeeper crept into the room with an ordinary piggy bank under his arm. He took the boy's magic piggy bank and left the ordinary one in its place.

While the boy slept, the innkeeper replaced the magic piggy bank with a plain one.
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The next morning when the boy reached home, he happily told his mother that the North Wind had given them a magic piggy bank. "I'll believe it when I see it work," said his mother.

When the boy said "Piggy bank, make money!" not one coin came out of the bank.

The boy and his mother had no food left and no money. The boy was afraid to visit the grumpy North Wind again, but he knew he had to get help.

Once more the boy set out on the long walk to the home of the North Wind. This time the North Wind was angrier than ever. He wanted the boy to stop bothering him, and the North Wind opened the door before the boy even knocked.

"Well, what do you want now?" roared the North Wind with his icy breath.

"I must get my oats back," said the boy. "The piggy bank doesn't work."

"I have only one thing left," said the North Wind.

"It is a magic rope that will tie someone up if you say 'Rope, rope! Tie him up!' Because you have come all this way, I will give it to you."

The boy thanked the North Wind and set out for home again. By now he figured out what had happened to his magic cloth and his piggy bank, so he had an idea what to do with the magic rope.

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