The Nightingale

The Nightingale Part II
The plain nightingale broke into the most beautiful song.
The plain nightingale broke into the most beautiful song.
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Below is the second part of "The Nightingale."

Before anyone could answer the emperor's question, a trumpet sounded outside. The emperor of Japan had arrived! The guards rushed out to meet this special visitor. The Chinese emperor quickly prepared to present the famed bird to his fellow ruler. With a flourish, the emperor of Japan was led into the throne room. Seeing the plain, gray bird, he asked, "Is this the nightingale of which I have heard such great things?"

The emperor of China, not having heard the bird either, was equally confused as to the bird's worth.

Yet as the two powerful men listened, the plain, gray nightingale broke into the most beautiful song.

The Japanese emperor stayed in China for some time, his sole reason being to listen to the nightingale's gorgeous song. The two rulers sat and listened to the nightingale all of the day and all of the night. They never grew tired of hearing the bird's glorious melody.

One afternoon, the emperor of Japan said, "Its song is so lovely, but it is a pity that the nightingale must look so very plain."

This made the emperor of China sad. This creature deserved to look as beautiful as it sounded. He ordered that a gold cage be made for the nightingale. From the cage hung tinkling bells made of the purest silver and flowing ribbons made from the finest Chinese silk.

The emperor of China wanted the nightingale to look as beautiful as it sounded.
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When the Japanese emperor was to return home, he turned to the emperor of China and promised, "I will find a way to thank you for sharing the nightingale with me."

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