The Magic Bones

The Magic Bones Part II
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.                              "We will help you get back the magic bones."
©2007 Publications International, Ltd. "We will help you get back the magic bones."
2007 Publications International, Ltd.

Below is the second part of "The Magic Bones."

"Have you forgotten me?" Jambajimbira said to the two brothers. "I am your youngest brother!"

When the brothers heard Jambajimbira speak they began to cry. "Oh brother, we missed you!" they said.

Jambajimbira forgave them and said, "You can live in my village, and I will give each of you wives."

After months of living in the village, the two brothers wanted to be like Jambajimbira and rule a village. "We are the older brothers," they thought. "We should rule a fine village. If we can find the magic bones, we can become chiefs."

While Jambajimbira was away from the village, the two brothers found the magic bones and wished for a village all their own. They also made their brother's village disappear.

When Jambajimbira returned and found out what his brothers had done, he started to cry. Kalib the rat and Ngabi the great hawk saw this and said, "Jambajimbira, stop crying. We will help you get back the magic bones. But what will you give us in return?"

"Anything you wish," replied Jambajimbira.

Kalib said, "I want lots of nuts," and Ngabi said, "I want chickens."

The rat ran and the hawk flew to the village of the two brothers. Kalib crawled into the largest house in the village and quietly dragged out the bones. One of the villagers saw him and shouted, "The chiefs' magic bones are being carried away by the rat!" Then Ngabi swooped down and flew away with Kalib. The villagers shouted, "Well done!" They believed the hawk would eat the rat.

But Ngabi carried Kalib and the magic bones back to Jambajimbira, who was filled with joy. Jambajimbira threw the magic bones and said, “Let there be nuts and chickens for Kalib and Ngabi.”

Jambajimbira's village returned, and everyone danced with joy.
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.

Jambajimbira threw the bones once again and said, “Please return my village, and may the village of my two brothers disappear forever.”

Jambajimbira’s village returned, and everyone danced with joy. The brothers’ village had disappeared, and no one saw or even heard of those two brothers ever again.

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