The Little Red Hen

The little red hen worked hard to keep her house and yard clean.
The little red hen worked hard to keep her house and yard clean.
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The little red hen lived next to the road by the farmer's house. Where she lived wasn't very fancy, but she loved it. She shared her home with her five baby chicks and her friends -- the dog, the cat, and the duck.

The little red hen worked very hard. She kept the house and the yard neat and clean. There always seemed to be plenty of work to do in order to keep everything looking good.

Everyone liked having a clean house and good food on the table. When it came time to do the chores, though, the others always seemed to have something else to do.

As soon as the hen would send her baby chicks out to play, the older animals always seemed to disappear, too. The little red hen did all the work herself. Her days were filled with making beds, cleaning, gardening, and cooking.

While sweeping outside, the little red hen found some kernels of wheat.
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One day, the little red hen was sweeping her yard. When she looked down on the ground, she found some kernels of wheat. She put the kernels into her pocket for safe keeping. Then she went to look for the dog, cat, and duck. She found them by the pond. She showed them the kernels and asked, "Who will help me plant these?"

Her three friends looked at each other. Then they looked at the little red hen. "Not us," they said. "Right now we need to take a nap."

"I'll plant them myself," she told them. The little red hen returned to the garden and began digging. Soon her baby chicks came to see what she was doing. They told her they wanted to help.

The little red hen and her five baby chicks pretended they were burying treasure. The game made the work go quickly. Soon they had planted all the kernels.

The little red hen visited the garden every day to watch the wheat grow. She made sure the young plants got plenty of sunshine and care.

One day she found her three friends leaning against the farmer's barn. The little red hen said, "There are weeds that are stopping the wheat from growing. Will you help me pull the weeds?"

"I can't," said the cat. "They're all dirty. Do you have any idea how long it takes me to wash my paws?"

The dog and the duck both had excuses, too. No one could help. "I'll just do it myself," said the little red hen.

The little red hen and her chicks made pulling weeds into a game.
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Then she walked back to the garden. Once again, her chicks joined her. They had a contest to see who could pull the most weeds. It was such fun that they finished in no time.

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