The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Part III
The prince kissed the little mermaid's hand.
The prince kissed the little mermaid's hand.
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Below is the third part of "The Little Mermaid."

On his morning walk, the prince discovered a beautiful girl on the beach. The prince was enchanted by the way she moved.

The prince slowly approached the little mermaid. She could not believe that the prince was standing before her. She reached out to touch him, and he took her hand and lightly kissed it. The little mermaid blushed. Soon she realized, however, that she was wearing only a few seashells and flowers. She shivered.

"Where did you come from?" the prince asked. "You must be cold." He took off his cloak and wrapped it around the little mermaid. She tried to tell him who she was, but she made no sound. The prince took her back to the castle.

The prince was enchanted by this lovely girl. He spent every moment with her. He took her horseback riding and hiking up into the mountains. The prince felt that he had met the little mermaid before. Then he realized that she reminded him of the young girl who had taken him to a nearby church and nursed him back to health after the shipwreck. Then, without a word, she had completely vanished.

One day, the prince and the little mermaid went for an afternoon walk through the gardens. When they arrived back at the castle, the king and queen were waiting to talk to the prince. The prince was told that he had to meet a princess in the neighboring kingdom. The king and queen believed this princess would be the one he should marry.

The prince insisted the ­little mermaid come with him for companionship. The little ­mermaid was happy to be with the prince, but she felt ­nervous that the prince would fall in love with the princess.

Soon they arrived at the neighboring kingdom. When the prince saw the princess, his mouth dropped open. The princess was the girl who had nursed him back to health! The prince and the princess immediately started talking. It was as if the little mermaid were no longer there. She walked off to sit and watch the water.

The little mermaid worried that the prince would fall in love with the princess.
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Oh, what am I to do? the little mermaid thought. She cried into her hands as the waves crashed below her feet.

The next day, the castle was filled with activity. The two royal families were so sure that the prince and the princess were already in love that they had begun to plan the wedding.

When the prince awoke, he saw the little mermaid sitting alone. He sat down next to her and held her hand. When the little mermaid looked up at him, she expected to see pity in his eyes. But what she saw was a look she had been waiting to see. It was a look of pure love!

The king and queen came into the room. They saw the prince and the little mermaid sitting together holding hands.

"Mother, Father, the princess and I will not be married," announced the prince. "This is my true love. I've known it for a long time but could not see it. I wanted too much to find the girl who took care of me after the shipwreck. Once I found her, I realized that my happiness was staring me in the face."

The handsome prince proposed to the little mermaid.
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The prince got down on one knee and proposed to the little mermaid. The little mermaid jumped up and kissed the prince's cheek.

The prince and the little mermaid were married that very day on the cliff overlooking the ocean. The little mermaid's family came to the surface to watch the happiest day of the little mermaid's life.

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