The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Part II
The little mermaid left to visit the sea witch.
The little mermaid left to visit the sea witch.
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Below is the second part of "The Little Mermaid."

That night, the little mermaid snuck away to see the sea witch. She knew the sea witch could give her what she wanted the most.

The journey to the sea witch was horrible. Slimy sea snakes wound around the little mermaid's arms as she swam. As she got closer to the sea witch's lair, terrible plants that looked like monsters reached out and tried to grab her.

Once at the sea witch's lair, she asked her for help. The sea witch told the little mermaid that she would be happy to give her legs to walk and dance with the humans. But the sea witch told her that there was a price for such a special gift.

She told the little mermaid that all she wanted was her beautiful voice. The sea witch explained that the little mermaid would have the loveliest human legs. She would be able to dance like an angel, and even when she walked, the humans would be amazed at her graceful beauty. But, she added, the little mermaid would not be able to speak or sing.

The sea witch told the little mermaid about the potion.
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The little mermaid was so happy with the thought of being with the prince that she quickly agreed to the sea witch's demand. The sea witch made a powerful potion. She tightly sealed the potion in a gold bottle.

The sea witch told the little mermaid that once she drank the potion, her tail would split in two. The little mermaid would then have human legs. What the little mermaid would not have, however, was a human soul. "You must get your true love, the prince, to pledge his love to you," said the sea witch, "then you will share his soul forever."

The sea witch went on to say that if the little mermaid's true love married another, the little mermaid would not live to see the next day.

The little mermaid was frightened, but she knew deep in her heart that the prince would love her back. Before the sea witch gave the potion to the little mermaid, she made one more potion. This one was to capture the little mermaid's voice. The little mermaid quickly drank it. Then she tried to speak, but her voice was gone.

The little mermaid took the potion in the gold bottle and swam to the surface. Once there, she drank it without hesitation. The little mermaid felt very strange, and her tail began to ache. Before her eyes, her tail became two beautiful human legs!

The little mermaid's tail changed into two legs.
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Happy that the sea witch was true to her word, she stood up just like a human. She danced and glided on her new legs, as if she were swimming on land.

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