The Lion and the Mouse

The lion scooped up the little mouse in his big furry paw.
The lion scooped up the little mouse in his big furry paw.
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One day a tiny mouse was walking home through the forest after a

long day of picking berries and visiting friends. When it was time to go home, she realized that she was not sure what direction she needed to go. She stood on her tiptoes but couldn't see over the tall grass. The little mouse began to worry. "If only I could find something to stand on, I would get a better look," she said.

At last the little mouse climbed up what looked like a big brown hill. It wasn't until she reached the top, that she realize she was standing on a sleeping lion's nose! She took a deep breath, and then this brave little mouse ran as fast as she could. She ran right across the big lion's nose and jumped!

The little mouse accidentally tickled the sleeping lion's whiskers.

The lion woke from his nap with a start. He did not like to be bothered while resting. The lion scooped up the little mouse in his big furry paw. "Little mouse," said the lion with a roar, "you disturbed my nap!"

"I am very sorry, lion," the little mouse whispered. "I am just trying to get home. Please, please go back to sleep now." She began to hum a lullaby.

"Stop that noise," roared the mighty lion, sitting up. "Come to think of it, I am hungry." He let out a big yawn. "I should eat you. You look like you would make a tasty snack."

"Oh no, lion," pleaded the little mouse. "I beg you, be kind and let me go."

This made the lion laugh. "Tell me, why should I let you go?"

Still dangling from her tail, the little mouse replied, "If you are kind and let me

go, I will do something kind for you one day. I promise."

This made the lion laugh even harder. "I am the strongest animal in the

forest. I am brave and I am big. Do you think I need your help? That is the funniest thing I've ever heard." The great big lion's laugh echoed through

the forest. "What could a tiny mouse like you ever do for a great big lion like me?"

The little mouse cleverly replied,

"You will just have to let me go to find out."

"You are a brave little mouse," said the lion. "Brave and silly. I will let you

go this time, but never disturb my nap again or else I will eat you."

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