The Honest Woodcutter

The Honest Woodcutter Part III
The woodcutter received an excellent payment for the gold and silver axes.
The woodcutter received an excellent payment for the gold and silver axes.
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Here is the conclusion to the story of the honest woodcutter:

The woodcutter thanked the water sprite for the beautiful axes and decided that he would leave the forest early that day. Instead of going straight home, he went into town to go shopping.

The woodcutter couldn't wait to get to the store. He was sure that the store owner would buy the gold and silver axes from him. When the woodcutter arrived, he handed the fine axes to the store owner. The owner looked them over carefully and finally said, "These are the best axes that I have ever seen. I will gladly buy them from you."

The store owner was very generous. He gave the woodcutter a large sack of gold coins. Now the woodcutter was rich! He bought an armful of beautiful flowers and a set of fine china plates for his wife. He also bought a big bag of toys for his children.

The woodcutter had lots of gold left over, and he carried it all back home with him. His wife and children were surprised that the woodcutter was home so early. They ran from the house to meet him.

The honest woodcutter's family was amazed at the gifts he brought them.
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When the woodcutter's wife saw the china plates and the flowers, she was so happy that tears came to her eyes. When the children saw the big bag filled with toys, they squealed with joy.

The woodcutter told his family all that had happened to him during the day. That night, as he and his wife were putting the children to bed, his son looked up at him and asked, "Why did the water sprite give you all three axes?"

Then the woodcutter's daughter said, "Because you told the truth, right?"

"That's right," said the honest woodcutter, "because I told the truth."

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