The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose Part II
Samuel hurried through a field on his way to the next town, with the stuck people following closely behind.
Samuel hurried through a field on his way to the next town, with the stuck people following closely behind.
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Below is the second part of "The Golden Goose."

Samuel hurried through a field on his way to the next town. The three stuck girls followed closely behind. In the field, he passed a minister and his wife.

The minister saw the odd procession and cried out at the three sisters, "Have you no shame, girls? Why must you run after the boy? It's just not proper!"

The minister tried to pull the youngest girl away. All too soon he felt that he himself was stuck, and he had to run as fast as his legs could carry him to keep up with the others.

The minister's wife saw her husband running along with the three girls. She cried out in amazement, "Dear Husband, slow down! We have to be at a wedding in a few minutes!"

The minister's wife pulled on his sleeve. Then she was caught up in this silly parade, too.

They passed two farmers on a road. The minister's wife called for help, but as soon as they touched her, the farmers were pulled along, too!

Samuel hurried into the next town, with the curious party of seven behind him. There a king lived with his only daughter. The princess was so serious and solemn that it was believed she could not laugh. So the king sent out a proclamation. Whoever made the princess laugh would have her hand in marriage.

Samuel took his golden goose to the princess.
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When Samuel heard about the princess, he took his golden goose to her. At the sight of this bumbling parade, the princess burst into fits of laughter. The king thought she might not stop.

Samuel asked the princess to marry him. But before she could answer, the king stepped in. He did not want Samuel to marry his daughter, so he made up a list of conditions for Samuel.

"First," the king said, "bring me a man who can drink a whole cellarful of cider, then a man who can eat a mountain of bread."

Samuel thought of the little man in the woods and rushed off.

The old man was sitting in the same spot as before. "Oh, I'm so thirsty and so very hungry," said the man to Samuel. "I cannot seem to drink enough cider or eat enough bread."

Samuel quickly took the old man to see the king. The little man happily drank all the cider and ate all the bread in the king's cellar. Then Samuel approached the king and asked for his bride.

But the king was ready with a third demand. "Now bring me a ship which sails on land as well as at sea." Again, Samuel went to see the little man.

"I will share all my magic with you," said the old man, "because you have been so kind to me."

Samuel and the princess were married.
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Soon Samuel was back at the castle with a ship that sailed on land and sea. The king had no choice but to let Samuel marry the princess. The two were married that very day.

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