The Gift

The Gift Part III
Percy and Amelia wished each other a happy birthday.
Percy and Amelia wished each other a happy birthday.
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Here is the conclusion to the story of "The Gift:"

Finally it was the day of the birthday party. Amelia was excited but nervous, too. She could not wait for Percy to open the gift she had found for him.

But what if he found out she had sold her binoculars? Would he get upset? She would just have to tell him he was the best kite flyer in the world, and he should have the best kite tail ever. It made her happy to do something nice for him.

When Amelia walked in the front door, Percy was waiting for her. Amelia smiled at her brother and shouted out, "Happy birthday, Percy!"

"Happy birthday, Amelia!" Percy shouted back.

Their parents lit the candles and everyone sang "Happy Birthday." The twins closed their eyes and made their wishes. Then they blew out the candles and ate a piece of cake.

Finally it was time to open up the presents. Ripping open the wrapping paper, they were very surprised at what was inside. Percy didn't want Amelia to know about the kite, so he said, "Get your binoculars and try out the case!"

When they opened their gifts, Percy and Amelia were so surprised!
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Amelia didn't want Percy to know about her binoculars. "Don't you love your new kite tail? I just had to buy it for you. Go get your kite!"

Percy sighed out loud. Then he said, "Amelia, I'm so sorry. I sold the kite to buy your gift."

Now Amelia's mouth dropped open. "I'm sorry, too. I sold my binoculars to buy your gift!"

The twins laughed and laughed at what had happened. When they could finally stop laughing, they said to each other, "I just wanted you to be happy!" Then they hugged one another and laughed again.

"I think trying to make someone happy is the best gift of all," said their mother. "Don't forget, you still have other gifts to open."

"I know," said Amelia. "Let's finish our party outside. We'll take our presents and cake to the forest for a picnic!"

The twins finished their birthday celebration with a picnic.
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The twins packed the picnic basket and went to find the perfect spot for their picnic. Later their family joined them, and everyone played games. After a fun-filled day, they went home. The twins gave everyone a kiss and hug.

As they settled into their bear cub beds that night, Amelia and Percy agreed this was the best birthday they ever had.

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