The Gift

The Gift Part II
Even though she saved her money, Amelia still didn't have enough for Percy's gift.
Even though she saved her money, Amelia still didn't have enough for Percy's gift.
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Below is the second part of the story of "The Gift:"

The day before their birthday, Amelia sat alone in the room she shared with Percy. Their birthday party was planned for the next day. When she had been at the store a few weeks ago, she had found the perfect gift.

There was a brand new kite tail hanging on the wall of the store. It was the most beautiful kite tail Amelia had ever seen. It was much longer than Percy's homemade tail had ever been. She thought it would keep Percy's kite flying high for many years.

Amelia started saving her money the first day she saw the kite tail in the shop. Now she hoped she had enough in her savings to buy it. Amelia slowly emptied out her bank and counted the coins. She did not have enough money to buy the gift! Amelia stretched out on her bed and thought. Suddenly she had an idea!

Amelia quickly jumped off her bed and asked her mother for permission to go shopping. Then she raced to the shop as fast as she could. She went to the checkout counter. "Can I help you, young lady?" asked the shopkeeper.

"I sure hope so," answered Amelia, setting down the binoculars. "Would you buy these?"

Amelia sold her binoculars to get the money she needed.
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The shopkeeper looked at the binoculars carefully. He could tell someone had taken good care of them. He slowly rubbed his beard and said, "I think we can make a deal."

He handed Amelia a big pile of crisp dollar bills. Right away she used the money to buy Percy's gift. She even had enough left over to buy special wrapping paper.

On her way home, Amelia held the gift close to her. As she walked, she thought about how the binoculars used to feel around her neck. She would miss them, but her brother was worth it.

Later that day Percy walked into the same shop. He had spent almost the entire morning flying his kite and thinking. A few weeks ago something very special had been delivered to the shop.

The instant he saw it, he knew it was the perfect gift for his sister. It was a carrying case for binoculars. The case was lined with velvet and had a lock and key. "Now," he thought, "Amelia will finally have a safe place to store her binoculars."

There was one problem, Percy didn't have any money for the gift. But now he did have a plan. He walked up to the shopkeeper. "I want to sell my kite," announced Percy.

Percy sold his kite to buy Amelia a case for her binoculars.
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The shopkeeper looked it over. "Well, I see it's in need of a new tail, but I think I can take care of that," he said. They made a deal, and Percy left with the gift tucked under his arm. He used to carry his kite that way. Percy would miss the kite, but his sister was worth it.

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