The Gift

Percy and Amelia's favorite things were a kite and a pair of binoculars.
Percy and Amelia's favorite things were a kite and a pair of binoculars.
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Percy and Amelia were twin bear cubs. That meant that the brother and sister shared the same birthday. They didn't mind sharing. They really liked it. The twins found that when they shared something, they had twice as much fun. They shared almost everything, even their playtime.

They loved playing outdoors. When the weather was nice, they would dash outside as soon as they got permission. Percy loved to fly the kite his father helped him make. He had even tied the kite's tail himself.

Amelia loved looking through her binoculars. They had been a gift from her Aunt Ruth. The binoculars hung around Amelia's neck wherever she went. When she was outside, she was always searching the trees through her trusty binoculars. Percy's eyes were always on his kite as it danced in the sky.

One day, Percy stood at the edge of the forest, holding the kite's string in his hands. He watched as the kite flew in the sky. He had been practicing some new tricks with the kite. When he pulled back on the string, the kite would jump through the air as if it were dancing. The kite's streaming tail twisted back and forth in the breeze.

Percy knew to keep his toy away from the trees. In the past he had climbed more than a few trees to rescue the kite from branches. The kite's tail was now torn and a bit muddy. Sometimes the knots came loose. In fact, if you looked closely, you could tell that the tail wasn't as long as it used to be.

Percy's kite was a bit worn, but only because he played with it so much.
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Once it had gotten stuck in a bush. When that happened, Percy had to cut off part of the tail. He did his very best to patch it up. It was the only kite tail he had. Only his care kept the old kite flying.

Amelia sometimes pretended that she was a nature explorer. She used her binoculars to spot the birds hiding among the leaves. One day she saw three beautiful birds in one tree. She pretended they were rare African eagles.

For the entire afternoon, she followed them everywhere they went. After several hours, it seemed as though they had led her through most of the forest. Finally Amelia had to go home.

Amelia loved to go exploring with her binoculars.
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Because she looked through her binoculars so much, Amelia saw a lot of things that others probably missed. That was one reason they were so special to her.

Every night before she went to bed, Amelia faithfully cleaned off her binoculars and polished the glass lenses very carefully. Then she slipped the special binoculars underneath her pillow. It was the only safe place she could think of to keep them.

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