The Gift and the Giver

The Gift and the Giver Part II
The king was deeply moved by the farmer's gift.
The king was deeply moved by the farmer's gift.
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Below is the second part of "The Gift and the Giver."

When the farmer came before the king, he said, "Your Majesty, I have found an extraordinary apple. I decided that only you are deserving of this apple."

The king was deeply moved by the farmer's gift. "What would you accept from me in return?" the king asked.

The farmer was very surprised by the question. "I want nothing, Your Majesty, but to see the joy on your face when you see this apple that God has made," the farmer said.

While people in the palace were admiring the apple, the poor farmer left to return home. "Where is the farmer?" the king asked. "He has shown me more love with this gift than anyone in the kingdom. Go find him. Take my finest horse and give it to him."

They went after the farmer and found him. The farmer looked tired, and was walking slowly along the road. When the servants gave the farmer the horse, he was surprised and overjoyed with the King's gift and rode away happily toward his village.

Soon, a rich merchant of the city heard the story of the king's gift and immediately began to scheme. "What could I get from the king if I gave him my best horse?" thought the merchant. "Perhaps some valuable jewels!"

The merchant brought his best horse to the palace. The merchant went to the king and said, "I have brought you the finest horse from my stable."

"Ah, I see," said the king. "You have given me a gift. Now you expect something in return. All right. Take this apple. It is so precious to me because it was given by a man who expected nothing in return. You may have it."

The merchant angrily threw the apple away.
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The merchant angrily threw the apple away. The king ordered his guards to remove the merchant from the palace grounds.

"Tell him," the king said, "that a gift is only as good as the heart of the giver. A person should give without expecting a gift in return. Any other gift is of no value. This horse is worthless as a gift because of the greedy heart of the merchant. As something to ride on, however, it seems to be a very fine horse."

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