The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince Part IV
The crowd threw rose petals at the happy couple.
The crowd threw rose petals at the happy couple.
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Below is the fourth part of "The Frog Prince."

"You poor thing," said the princess. "Such a handsome young man, destined for the lonely life of a frog!"

The prince continued, "Luckily, your anger turned me back into a prince. Without you, I would still be hopping amongst the cattails! You saved my life, princess."

In that brief moment, the princess and the prince fell in love. The princess forgave the prince for deceiving her and making her mad. She was taken by the honesty in his voice and the kindness of his words.

The prince asked the princess to marry him, and the princess accepted. On the day of the wedding, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping in the royal gardens. The roses were in full bloom on the carefully trimmed bushes.

After the prince and princess had exchanged their vows, the king approached the joyous couple. The king stood proudly beside the princess and the prince and waved happily at the enormous crowd.

"Daughter, aren't you glad that you kept your promise to the frog? If you had not invited the frog to join you for dinner, we would not be here celebrating this happy day together," said the proud king.

"Indeed, you are right, Father. If I had not kept my promise to the frog, then I would never have gotten angry. And if I had never gotten angry, then I would not have broken the witch's spell on the prince. And if the spell had never been broken, then my sweet prince would still be a frog!" said the princess

with great delight.

At that moment, the prince joined in the conversation and said, "I believe that I am the happiest of us all that you kept your promise to me! Imagine, dear princess, what it would be like to marry a frog!"

The prince, princess, and king all looked at each other and laughed happily. The crowd cheered and threw rose petals as the newly married couple walked to the royal carriage. The horses trotted away, pulling the carriage behind them.

The prince and princess were very happy as the boarded the carriage.
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The prince and princess waved over their shoulders at the excited crowd of people. The prince and princess felt great happiness at that moment. The joyous couple spent the rest of their happy days together.

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