The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince Part II
The frog jumped onto the dinner table and examined the food.
The frog jumped onto the dinner table and examined the food.
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Below is the second part of "The Frog Prince."

The princess thought, I would give anything to get back my precious golden ball. But I do not want to eat with a slimy frog, nor do I want to befriend one! Surely the frog will forget his request as soon as he fetches my golden ball.

"Oh, yes, dear frog. I agree to what you ask," lied the princess. "We shall be best friends."

The frog was very happy with the princess' answer. He dove under the water and found the golden ball. It was stuck tightly in the mud, and he had to work hard to free it. When he finally freed the ball from the mud, he kicked his legs and swam to the surface of the water.

"Here is your ball, princess," said the frog, and he dropped the golden ball at the princess' feet.

As soon as the frog set the ball down, the princess snatched it up and ran away as fast as she could. The poor frog could not keep up with the princess. He called after her, "Wait, princess, wait! What about me? Come back!"

That evening, the royal family was enjoying their dinner when someone shouted, "Young princess, let me in!" The princess turned pale. Oh, no! That rotten frog did not forget my promise! she thought. She excused herself from the table and opened the door to let the frog inside.

The frog looked around and said, "My, what a nice home you have. I will enjoy living here." He sniffed the air and said, "Do I smell mashed potatoes and peas? Why, mashed potatoes and peas are two of my favorite dishes!"

The frog followed the delicious smells into the dining room, where the royal family sat around the table. The frog jumped onto the table. He hopped over to the princess and began inspecting her plateful of food. He then jumped across the table to examine the food on the king's plate.

With a look of great confusion on his face, the king said, "Daughter, will you please tell me why there is a frog at the dinner table?" The princess explained the promises she had made to the frog when he retrieved her golden ball from the well.

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