The Frog Prince

The princess's golden ball was beautiful.
The princess's golden ball was beautiful.
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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a king and his fair young daughter. In the summer, when the kingdom broiled with heat, the young princess would sit by the edge of a deep, cool well and daydream. She imagined faraway lands and the people who lived there.

And sometimes, when she grew tired of daydreaming, she played with her favorite golden ball. She would spend hours tossing the ball up in the air and catching it.

One afternoon, as she played with her golden ball, she threw it up into the air a little too high. She stretched her arms high above her head and reached for the ball. But before she could catch it, it fell into the well. The well was much too deep for the princess to get her ball. If she climbed in, she would not be able to climb back out.

The princess threw the golden ball too high.
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She peered into the water and saw her lovely ball sparkling all the way at the bottom of the deep well. The only thing she could do was lean over the side, look into the well, and weep over the loss of her beautiful golden ball.

"What will I do without my lovely golden ball?" she cried. "Won't somebody help me?"

She wept for quite some time, until she heard a voice say, "What troubles you, princess?" The princess looked down into the well and saw a frog sitting amongst the cattails.

The frog asked why the princess was crying.
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"Was it the frog who spoke?" she asked herself.

As she looked at him, the frog opened his mouth and croaked, "Princess, please tell me why you are crying. If you tell me why you are upset, I might

be able to help you."

The princess had never seen a talking frog before, but she hid her surprise and answered the little green frog.

"I am crying because my golden ball is lost in the well," she told the frog.

The frog said, "Weep no more, fair princess, for I shall rescue your golden ball. Though I must know, what shall you give me for performing such a deed?"

"Oh, anything you desire," she said.

"Promise that you will be my friend, that you will take me home and share your food with me. Promise me that you will never forget our friendship," said the frog.

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