The Four Musicians

The Four Musicians Part III
The robbers were frightened by the "four-headed monster."
The robbers were frightened by the "four-headed monster."
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Below is the conclusion to the story of the four musicians:

The four friends also did not know that the men they were singing for inside the house were robbers. They were hiding out and counting gold they had stolen.

When they heard the loud noise of the musicians' singing, they looked out the window. They saw what looked like a four-headed beast. "Run! Run! Run!" one robber yelled. "Run before the four-headed beast gets us!"

The animals were confused. Why had the men run away? The donkey said, "I believe I know what is happening. No doubt our audience enjoyed our singing so much that they must be going to get more people to hear our concert."

"It may be some time before they return. I say we go inside and have some dinner as a reward for our splendid singing," the rooster said.

"Indeed!" agreed the donkey. "That is a grand idea!" The four musicians went into the house.

The four musicians were so hungry that they ate every last bite! It didn't take long to decide that the life of a musician was going to suit them very well indeed. Soon after the meal, they were very sleepy.

Inside, the four musicians made themselves right at home.
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Because they were already inside the house, they agreed it would be best to spend the night there. After all, they didn't want to miss the people who were going to come hear them perform.

There was plenty of room for everyone in the house. The donkey lay in the middle of the room. The dog stretched out by the door. The cat curled up near the fireplace, and the rooster flew to a ceiling beam.

Soon their sleepy heads began nodding. It didn't take long for their tired eyes to close. They were all sound asleep when the door knob slowly began to turn. They were still asleep when someone tiptoed into the room.

One robber had come back to see if he could get at least some of the gold. It was quite dark, and he needed some light in order to find his way around. He thought he saw a glow from the coals in the fireplace.

But the glow wasn't from the coals. It was the cat's eyes. When he lit a match to start a fire, the cat jumped up. The robber tripped over the dog. The dog bit his leg, causing the robber to stumble over the donkey.

The donkey kicked the robber. The noise woke the rooster, and he began crowing, "Cock-a-doodle-day! Leave without delay!"

After one last encounter, the robber was scared away for good.
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The robber ran as fast as his legs would carry him. He told the others to stay away forever or the four-headed beast would get them.

The four musicians lived in the house for the rest of their days. They were quite happy giving free concerts and using the gold to buy food.

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