The Four Musicians

The Four Musicians Part II
The musicians settled in to sleep in a tree -- until the rooster saw something better.
The musicians settled in to sleep in a tree -- until the rooster saw something better.
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Here is the second part of the four musicians' story:

Nighttime came. The donkey, dog, cat, and rooster had been singing and walking all day. Just when the four musicians found a nice tree to camp under, the rooster began to squawk.

"I think I see a light shining from inside a house!" he said. "It doesn't seem far away."

"They might have some food to share," said the dog. "A big, juicy bone sounds mighty good right about now."

"Mmmm. I think a big bowl of milk would be absolutely purr-fect," purred the cat.

"A plate of corn certainly would hit the spot," crowed the rooster.

The donkey thought it all sounded good, so the four set out for the house.

The four musicians walked up to the house. The donkey, being the tallest of the group, peered inside the window. After the donkey had looked through the glass for a few moments, the cat's curiosity got the better of him. "What do you see?" he asked as he tried to get a glimpse.

The four musicians crept up to the house, and then tried to look inside.
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"Well, there are four men sitting at a table that is covered with food," the donkey said. "They must eat like kings every night. There are stacks of gold everywhere."

Gold was stacked everywhere inside the house!
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"What do we do now?" asked the rooster. "Do we just knock on the door and ask for food?"

The donkey shook his head. "Remember we are going to be musicians," he said. "We should practice singing for our supper."

The others thought this was a grand idea, so they very carefully planned their first concert. The four musicians decided to stand one on top of the other so everyone could be heard.

First the donkey took his place near the bottom of the window. Then the dog jumped on his back. The cat made his way up to the dog's back. Finally the rooster flew to the top.

Even though the four friends had practiced their singing all day, they were still a little bit nervous. This was their first concert, after all. They wished each other good luck, turned to face the window, and cleared their throats.

Finally their big moment had arrived. It was time to perform. The donkey gave the signal, and they began to sing.

Once in their positions, the musicians gave a very loud concert.
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Never has there been a louder or mightier group effort! The four friends tried to sing better than they ever had before.

What they didn't know is that it didn't sound like singing. It sounded like, "Hee-haw! Woof! Mee-ow! Cock-a-doodle-day!"

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