The Fisherman and His Wife

The Fisherman and His Wife Part III
When the sun woke her up, the fisherman's wife thought she should be in charge of that too.
When the sun woke her up, the fisherman's wife thought she should be in charge of that too.
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Below you'll find the ending of the story of the fisherman and his wife:

That night the fisherman slept well. His wife, however, lay awake tossing and turning. She was busy wondering what her next wish would be.

Just as the wife was about to fall asleep, the morning sun came up. Bright sunlight poured in through the royal bedroom window. The wife sat up in bed.

"Husband!" she called out. "I do not think the sun should be allowed to rise without my permission! You go tell that enchanted fish of yours that I want to have complete power over the rising and setting of the sun!"

"Wife," said the fisherman, "please don't make me go back and call the fish again. I fear that this time the favor is too much to ask!"

At this, the wife flew into a rage. "Go tell the fish to grant my wish!" she shouted.

Quaking with fear, the fisherman got dressed. He hurried out of the castle and headed toward the river. As he walked, strong winds began to blow, and the river began to rage.

The fisherman stumbled to the riverbank. The wind was so strong that he could barely hear his own voice. As he stood facing out over the water he called:

Princely fish that I set free,

Hear my words and come to me.

A bright bolt of lightning struck the river's edge, and a loud clap of thunder rang through the air. "What does your wife want now?" bellowed the fish as he rose up through the choppy waves.

Although he didn't want to, the fisherman called to the fish again.
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"Oh fish," said the fisherman fearfully, "she wants the power to make the sun rise and set."

"Go home to your wife," said the fish.

Suddenly the wind stopped blowing just as quickly as it had started. The waves in the river calmed, and the water was peaceful again. The fisherman went home to find his wife in front of their humble cottage.

Once again, the fisherman and his wife were happy with what they had.
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"Husband," said the wife, "I am so sorry that I got carried away with greed. Each new and better thing only made me think I wanted more. But the more I got, the more unhappy I became. I forgot to be happy with what I already had."

"It's my fault, too," the fisherman said. "When you wanted more, I asked the fish for it."

The fisherman lovingly kissed his wife, took his net, and went to the river. He gazed into the clear blue water as he fished.

That night he brought his wife a nice, plain fish for their dinner.

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